2 Carat Diamond Necklaces: The Best Designs for Every Style

Alicia Briggs | March 20, 2023

A lab-grown diamond necklace is an essential piece of fine jewelry, able to be worn by all. Selecting the right diamond carat weight and necklace design, however, can be tricky. For those who love bold and brilliant diamonds, 2 carat diamond necklaces may be just what you’re looking for. Read on to find the best necklace design for your style as well as how to best wear a 2 carat diamond necklace.

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Are 2 Carats Too Big For A Diamond Necklace?

A 2 carat diamond is not considered too big for a necklace. If you prefer a diamond-forward necklace that makes more of a statement, a 2 carat diamond is a wonderful choice.

If you live an active lifestyle and want a necklace that you can wear to any activity, you may prefer diamond necklaces of a smaller carat weight. That being said, numerous necklace designs are suitable and secure for daily wear, no matter the carat weight.

How Many Carats Should A Diamond Pendant Be?

The ideal carat weight for a diamond pendant comes down to you and your style. A diamond pendant is a versatile design that works beautifully for a variety of diamond shapes and carat weights.

A 2 carat diamond pendant necklace will add size and brilliance when compared to a diamond of a lower carat weight. A diamond pendant of this size will also cost more. If you’re on a budget or prefer subtle jewelry, consider a .25-1 carat diamond necklace.

Which 2 Carat Diamond Looks Biggest In A Necklace?

Certain diamond shapes appear larger than others, especially when highlighted in a necklace. The diamond shapes that appear larger than their carat weight include Oval cut diamonds, Pear cut diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds, and Marquise cut diamonds.

Certain necklace settings will also make diamonds look bigger. Consider a Bezel Solitaire necklace, Halo necklace, or any design that features multiple diamonds or pavé set diamonds.

When Can You Wear A 2 Carat Diamond Necklace?

Anytime is the perfect time to wear a 2 carat diamond necklace. While certain designs are more commonly worn for special occasions, like a diamond tennis necklace, it’s your choice when to wear a diamond necklace.

How Do You Layer 2 Carat Diamond Necklaces?

If you’re interested in layering necklaces, there are a few easy ways to make this look effortless and stylish.

You can layer as many necklaces as you’d like, but it’s more common to layer 2-3 necklaces. If you prefer a bolder look, contrast different metals, diamond shapes, or designs. You can mix simpler designs, like a Solitaire necklace, with bolder designs like the Arc necklace. If you want a subtle, cohesive look, stick to a similar theme, such as the same diamond shape or necklace design.

It’s important to consider chain length. Layer necklaces that have different chain lengths so that they won’t tangle, or rub together, potentially damaging the diamond.

How Much Does A 2 Carat Diamond Necklace Cost?

The starting price for a VRAI created 2 carat diamond necklace is $2,000, at the time of publication. This is for the beautiful, diamond-forward Arc necklace.

2 carat diamond necklace prices go up from there, depending on the necklace design and the diamond itself.

What Are The Best 2 Carat Diamond Necklace Designs?

The best 2 carat diamond necklace designs always come down to personal preference. Jewelry is an extension of our personal style, and diamond necklaces are no exception.

That being said, the following six diamond necklace designs are consistent best-sellers for 2 carat diamonds:

Bezel Solitaire

Bezel Solitaire Necklaces are an ideal choice for those with either modern or vintage tastes. This art deco jewelry design has a sleek, contemporary look that stands the test of time. Bezel settings are the most secure diamond setting, so they’re perfect for those who want to wear their 2 carat diamond necklace without worry, no matter the activity. This is also a wonderful unisex design, able to be worn by all.

VRAI Bezel Solitaire necklaces feature a 14k solid gold bezel setting with a matching chain. You can choose between eight different 2 carat VRAI created diamond shapes. A Princess, Emerald, or Trillion diamond will highlight the modern look of this design. Historic diamond shapes, such as a Pear, Oval, or Marquise cut diamond, will play up the vintage appearance.

Arc Necklace

The beautiful Arc Necklace is the perfect diamond forward design to wear for special occasions. VRAI Arc Necklaces feature three prong-set diamonds of the same shape, in graduated sizes, on a matching 14k solid gold chain. This celebratory design has beautiful brilliance, sure to make a statement.

Arc necklaces represent the special moments and memories we keep close to our hearts. While this design is versatile, it has a vintage-inspired look to it. You can play up the heirloom feel by choosing fancy-shaped diamonds such as Pear, Oval, or Emerald cut diamonds. For a more classic look, you can never go wrong with Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

Solitaire Necklace

Few necklace designs are as popular as a 2 carat diamond Solitaire necklace. This is a classic and elegant necklace that has stood the test of time. VRAI Solitaire Necklaces feature a 14k solid gold chain and a 2 carat prong set diamond. Thanks to an open back gallery, this necklace has peak brilliance, beautifully reflecting light from all angles.

This is an easily customizable design. You can choose between seven different diamond shapes and your preferred chain length (between 16-18 inches). The diamond shape and colored gold you choose will transform the look of this necklace design to suit any style, from modern to classic to romantic.

Halo Necklace

Halo necklaces add an extra layer of brilliance to your diamond necklace, thanks to smaller, handset diamonds encircling the center diamond. This design is elegant, with an heirloom feel.

VRAI Halo Necklaces have a 14k solid gold chain and setting with a choice of five diamond shapes.

For a more modern look, consider an Emerald diamond. For a romantic look, opt for an Oval or Pear diamond, and for a classic choice, a Round or Princess diamond.

Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire Pendants are another incredibly popular design, with a slightly more feminine look. Just like the Solitaire Necklace, they have an open back gallery that creates gorgeous shine, but the diamond in this design moves with you, reflecting light wherever you go.

VRAI Solitaire Pendants are available in seven different diamond shapes with a 14k solid gold chain and setting. While your 2 carat diamond beautifully dangles off the chain, it's tightly secured thanks to its 6-prong setting.

Whether you choose a 2 carat diamond pendant with a yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold chain, this design suits any style.

Halo Pendant

If you prefer a diamond-forward pendant to maximize your 2 carat diamond, consider the beloved Halo Pendant. VRAI Halo Pendants are available in five different diamond shapes, encircled by a “halo” of smaller VRAI created diamonds. With a 14k solid gold chain and a 3-prong setting, this style can be worn daily.

To highlight the heirloom appearance of this necklace, consider a rose gold or yellow gold chain with an Oval or Pear cut diamond. An Emerald cut diamond will add an art deco or modern feel, as will a Princess cut diamond.

Why Should You Choose 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces?

Choosing lab-grown diamond necklaces sustainably created by VRAI is the best way to get a diamond necklace that aligns with your style and values. Our 2 carat VRAI created diamonds are produced in our zero-emission foundry and set in a recycled solid gold setting.

Not only are our diamond necklaces sustainably created, with no environmental or human toll, but our diamond prices are accessible to a wide range of budgets.

Since we produce our diamonds in-house, we’re able to offer high-quality, certified 2 carat diamonds for a lower price than mined diamonds or other lab-grown diamonds. VRAI created diamond necklaces will last a lifetime without causing harm to people or the planet.

Find The Perfect 2 Carat VRAI Created Diamond Necklace

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