Guide to Unique Engagement Rings

VRAI | April 8, 2022

VRAI | April 8, 2022

When it comes to buying an engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds, many want a look that is as unique as their love story. While it’s always wise to consider styles that will stand the test of time, it’s also wonderful to search for details that will make your ring truly stand apart.

Unique or non-traditional engagement rings are designs that veer away from a classic solitaire engagement ring setting. Whether it’s a slight variation in the band, a contemporary setting to hold the lab-grown diamond in place, or additional diamonds to maximize shine, these creative styles are sure to garner attention.

And because VRAI designs rings that are modern yet timeless, you can rest assured that your unique or non-traditional setting will be cherished for a lifetime. Unique or non-traditional engagement rings are designs that veer away from a classic setting. Whether it’s a slight variation in the band, a contemporary setting to hold the diamond in place, or additional diamonds to maximize shine, these creative styles are sure to garner attention.

How Do I Find A Unique Engagement Ring?

The best way to find a unique engagement ring that’s right for you is to book an appointment with our diamond experts. They will offer you personalized guidance through VRAI’s engagement ring settings and assist you in finding a VRAI created diamond that truly stands apart. Because they are well-versed in both classic and non-traditional styles, they’ll be able to showcase the unique settings that you truly want to see.

If you are still searching for a ring off the beaten path after your consultation, our diamond experts can connect you with our custom design team so that you can create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Another way to find a unique engagement ring is to explore VRAI’s settings on your own. Each setting can be customized to feature one of ten diamond shapes in four different metal colors. Use filters on each product page to explore different looks that reflect your personal style

Top Unique Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

This variety of looks stand apart and stand the test of time.

1.The Duet Engagement Ring

The Duet engagement ring has a silhouette unlike any other. Two twisting bands come together to form this alluring, vintage-inspired setting. What truly makes this style stand out is its pavé options. Based on your preference, you can have plain or pavé bands or a combination of both for a truly personalized style.

Round Brilliant Duet
Princess Duet
Asscher Duet

2.The Hover Engagement Ring

The Hover engagement ring was designed to spark joy by creating an optical illusion. The setting makes your VRAI created diamond appear to float — or hover — over the finger on its own. The clean lines of the band paired with the floating diamond results in a look that is contemporary yet timeless.

Emerald Hover
Trillion Hover
Oval Hover

3.The Signature V Engagement Ring

The Signature V’s plunging band is not for the faint of heart; this setting is all about dramatic style. Perhaps the most unique Signature V looks are created when pairing with a wedding ring. Whether pairing pavé and plain bands together, varying metal colors, or combining different silhouettes, mixing and matching with the Signature V is sure to turn heads.

Oval Signature V
Radiant Signature V
Cushion Signature V

4.The Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

The Hidden Halo engagement ring is a non-traditional spin on a vintage-inspired, classic Halo engagement ring. Instead of a “halo” of diamonds appearing around the top of a diamond engagement ring, this setting hides it beneath. The ring of pavé set diamonds are secured within a prong setting, adding an extra layer of unexpected shine that is best seen from the side. This design is what gives the ring its intriguing “hidden” luminary effect. Select a pavé band and prong setting for even more surprising brilliance.

Round Brilliant Hidden Halo
Pear Hidden Halo
Marquise Hidden Halo

5.Unique Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone engagement rings allow you to mix and match center and side stones for a look that is uniquely you. Consider pairing a more traditional diamond shape, such as Round Brilliant or Emerald shaped diamonds, with daring Trillion side stones. Or feature a more modern cut, such as Princess or Radiant shaped diamonds, with tapered baguette side stones for a look that is clean and linear.

Oval and Trillion Three Stone
Princess and Tapered Baguette Three Stone
Trillion and Tapered Baguette Three Stone

6.Unique Bezel Engagement Rings

Bezel engagement rings are timeless and often vintage-inspired. But a few added details can make your Bezel ring stand out from traditional designs. Consider selecting a pavé band that will contrast with the metal bezel setting for a look that both shines and shimmers. Or select an East-West Bezel for a literal twist on this well-loved setting.

Princess Signature Bezel
Pear East-West Signature Bezel
Emerald East-West Signature Bezel

Unique Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

While many diamond shapes came into existence centuries ago, certain cuts and shapes are relatively new and therefore less traditional. Princess, Radiant, and Trillion shaped diamonds all began to appear in engagement rings in the 1960s and 1970s.

These striking cuts continue to grow in popularity as all feature strong, linear edges that result in a thoroughly modern look. Although these shapes grow in demand, they still appeal to those who veer away from traditional Round Brilliant or Emerald shaped diamonds. Consider choosing a Princess, Radiant, or Trillion shaped diamond for tradition-breaking style.

Unique Custom Designs

For those looking for a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, creating a custom design is the best option. Our design experts can guide you through various options to make your setting stand apart from the rest. Perhaps you want a Three Stone bezel setting or a Two Tone engagement ring with a hidden halo. Maybe you want to highlight a Half Moon shaped diamond or other unique diamond shape. Speak with the experts on what design options are available to you, and they’ll assist you in bringing your unique custom design to life.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Our diamond experts can guide you through our collection of engagement rings and help you select the style that pairs best with your unique style. Receive in-depth diamond education and a look at VRAI’s Lifetime Care Package so you can choose your unique and non-traditional rings with confidence and enjoy them for a lifetime.

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