Unisex Wedding Rings: The 9 Best Styles for Every Couple

Alicia Briggs | June 15, 2023

Wedding rings are meant to be a symbol of the love and commitment between you and your partner. The wedding ring you choose should truly reflect your love story. At VRAI, we design unisex wedding rings featuring lab-grown diamonds that are meant to be worn by everyone. With a wide range of wedding ring sizes, styles, and custom designs, there’s a ring meant just for you. Use this guide to explore the best unisex wedding ring designs and how to create a matching ring set.

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What Are Unisex Wedding Rings?

Unisex wedding rings are wedding rings that are not gender-specific and can be worn by all.

Are Wedding Rings Unisex?

Any wedding ring can be unisex. Historically, certain wedding ring designs were associated with certain genders. For example, wedding rings that feature thicker bands, and fewer diamonds and details were considered more masculine. These were traditionally marketed as men’s wedding rings. Wedding bands that were historically considered feminine, known as women’s wedding rings, have slimmer bands, intricate details, and/or diamond-forward designs.

All VRAI wedding ring designs are unisex and meant to be worn by everyone. There are no rules for who can wear a certain wedding ring design. What matters is that the ring you wear reflects you and your love the best.

Are Rings Gender Neutral?

Any ring can be gender-neutral. Engagement rings have historically been associated with female brides. But today, many people choose to wear engagement rings, regardless of their gender.

One thing that can prevent certain rings from being gender-neutral is sizing. Unisex wedding rings need to be available in a large range of ring sizes to be truly gender-neutral. Each VRAI wedding ring is made-to-order and available in ring sizes 3-14. If you don’t see your ring size, simply speak with a VRAI diamond expert to create a custom wedding ring that fits you.

What Is the Best Metal Color for Unisex Wedding Rings?

The best metal color for unisex wedding rings is the color that you love the most. Generally, wedding rings are available in gold or [platinum bands](/wedding-rings/platinum). If you have a modern or minimalist taste, you may favor a platinum or white gold unisex wedding ring.

For people who gravitate toward timeless elegance, or have warmer skin tones, consider yellow-gold unisex wedding rings.

One metal choice that works for all skin tones and has a distinctive flair is rose gold unisex wedding rings. This unique colored gold choice adds a romantic, vintage, or non-traditional look to any ring.

two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package
two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

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What Are the Best Unisex Wedding Ring Styles?

The best ring style for you will depend on your personal taste, budget, and preferences. The diamond shape, metal choice, and design you choose will determine your wedding ring style. Whichever wedding ring style you choose should represent you and your love.

That being said, there are certain ring designs that our VRAI diamond experts favor for unisex wedding rings. “I absolutely love the medium and large Round or Flat Band! These are perfect for customers that want a nice, classic look or lean into more chunky jewelry looks,” explains VRAI Diamond Expert, Queena Chang. “They pair nicely with engagement rings such as The Three Stone, The Bezel, or The East-West or regular Signature setting.”

Use the following wedding ring styles to find a unisex design that truly suits you or your partner.

Unisex Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond wedding bands are ideal for those who love statement-making jewelry, diamonds, or who prefer wedding bands with an heirloom or Art Deco feel. The Eternity Band, The Alternating Shapes Band, and The Baguette Bar Band are just some examples of diamond-accented rings perfect for all. These designs have stunning shine and a band width that looks beautiful on any ring size or finger.

Vintage Unisex Wedding Rings

If you gravitate towards all things vintage, then consider a vintage-inspired wedding ring. These contemporary, timeless rings are inspired by historic designs. Choose a wedding ring with pavé-set diamonds, fancy-shaped diamonds, or a halo setting to create an instant heirloom. You may also consider a rose gold or yellow gold wedding ring or curved bands that deviate slightly from classic band designs.

Unisex Gold Wedding Bands

Gold wedding bands are one of the more popular metal choices for unisex wedding rings. Gold is beloved for wedding rings as it is durable, lustrous, versatile, and doesn’t tarnish over time. VRAI yellow gold and white gold wedding rings are made from 18k gold while rose gold wedding rings feature 14k gold. The gold color you choose will help create a wedding ring that matches your style, whether that’s modern, classic, or vintage-inspired.

What Are Unisex Wedding Ring Sets?

Unisex wedding ring sets typically include an engagement and wedding ring for one partner and a wedding ring for the other partner. Each partner can choose to wear an engagement ring or both can choose to wear only wedding rings. Wedding ring sets are meant to pair and stack together for a cohesive look and secure fit. They are often bought at the same time. You can each choose your own wedding ring set, or create a couple's ring set with similar ring styles.

Wedding ring sets don’t need to match, but you can choose the same VRAI ring designs to easily pair your rings. Consider rings that have a similar style, diamond shape, or metal color to create a compatible ring set. If you plan to stack your rings, choose bands that pair flush and won’t rub against each other when stacked.

“For those wanting slightly different styles, choose a Round and Infinity Band, a plain and pavé Curator, or Brushed Flat and Brushed Baguette Band,” says Chang. If you gravitate toward non-traditional jewelry, consider one of our more unique wedding ring designs such as The Chevron Band or The Twisted Band. These wedding bands have matching engagement rings to ensure a perfect wedding ring stack.

Our VRAI diamond experts can provide complimentary assistance in creating a wedding ring set that truly reflects your unique style and your commitment.

What Are the Best Unisex Matching Wedding Bands?

The best matching unisex wedding rings will represent the love you and your partner share and your distinct styles. You can choose any of VRAI's wedding ring designs to create a matching ring set. “The Round Inlay Band comes in two different sizes that make for a great matching option for couples to consider,” suggests Chang. Opt for the same details or choose different metal colors or pavé-set diamonds for a matching band design that still reflects your individuality.

You can also choose to match your wedding bands by selecting different rings that have the same diamond shape or style.

“A combination that I find very sweet is any of our Baguette wedding bands. They go very well with our Brushed Baguette Band,” Chang continues. “For clients who prefer a thicker band, our Pavé Border Band is a fantastic choice and matches any of our pavé wedding band styles or Eternity rings.”

Why Should You Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Unisex Wedding Rings?

Choosing unisex wedding rings featuring lab-grown diamonds means you’re choosing a ring that truly reflects your values. Unlike mined diamonds and other lab-grown diamonds, VRAI created diamonds are produced in our zero-emission foundry through fair-wage employment. Each step of our production process takes into account the people and the planet, building a more sustainable future for all.

Since we grow our diamonds in-house, with no middlemen markups, we’re able to produce high-quality, certified diamonds for a wide range of diamond prices. That’s whyVRAI wedding rings are available at more accessible and inclusive price points.

When you buy a VRAI wedding ring or engagement ring, you’re choosing an ethical ring that represents the promise of the future - just like your love.

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options