Valentine’s Day Bracelets: 24 Favorite Looks

Kimberly Zerkel | December 16, 2022

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to love out loud with fine jewelry gifts that are unapologetically romantic. Lab-grown diamond fine jewelry spells romance. And when that bracelet features VRAI created diamonds, your gift is more than just a romantic gesture — it’s a reflection of your values and love for the planet.

What bracelets should you offer this February 14th? It’s no time to hold back - read on to discover our top styles for dialing up the romance.

Are Valentine’s Day Bracelets A Good Gift?

Depending on your partner’s style, bracelets can be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. With many different styles and price points, they are perfect for those wanting to indulge a little — or a lot! When deciding on what jewelry to gift on Valentine’s Day, consider what your significant other regularly wears. If they love piling on bracelets or are looking to add a bracelet to their collection, then you have your answer!

Which Valentine’s Day Gift Bracelet Should You Choose?

There truly is a Valentine’s Day bracelet for all. Shopping for women’s bracelets for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you’re looking for men’s or unisex styles? Love who you want and on your own terms — and express that love with these favorite styles.

Favorite Valentine’s Day Bracelet For Her

She’s unlike any other and deserves a gift that truly stands apart. But these popular styles might just point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the Valentine’s Day bracelet meant just for her. A Perennial Cuff is a way of offering flowers on February 14th that will last a lifetime. A Petite Solitaire Bracelet is the perfect way to mark a first Valentine’s Day together, where the Linked Tennis Bracelet is a coveted design tailor-made for milestone celebrations.

Favorite Men’s Valentine’s Day Bracelets

He deserves a romantic diamond design, too! While each bracelet design featuring VRAI created diamonds is unisex, these best-sellers are go-to inspiration when shopping for him or them. And the best part? This might just be a Valentine's Day gift you get to borrow from time to time, as well.

Favorite Matching Valentine’s Day Bracelets

When you have that much in common, sharing a few more things only makes sense. So why not select matching Valentine’s Day bracelets that you can wear as a daily reminder of your connection? From everyday styles to bold tennis designs, step out into the world together with these matching looks

Favorite Valentine’s Day Bracelets For Couples

Two is better than one — and exchanging two Valentine’s Day bracelets to one another is possibly the best way of celebrating this romantic day. Valentine’s Day bracelets don’t necessarily have to match. But here are a few favorite styles that might be right for both you and your significant other.

How To Choose Valentine’s Day Bracelets By Style

Being unapologetically romantic doesn’t mean you can’t also be conscientious and thoughtful. Oftentimes, on a day like Valentine’s Day, you can feel tempted to purchase an indulgent gift to truly express your love. But what if your partner’s style isn’t indulgent? What if timeless or effortless is more their style?

The good news is that there’s a bracelet style for each and every Valentine. Take a look at their existing collection and pay attention to their favorite metal color, diamond shapes, and more. Then explore these styles below to find the gift that’s perfect for them!

Yellow Gold Valentine’s Day Bracelets

Yellow gold jewelry lovers won’t compromise when it comes to color — so be sure to find the yellow gold Valentine’s Day bracelet in their favorite hue. Yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself, which often makes it the most classic choice. But these styles go beyond just classic — they’re modern and timeless with a twist.

White Gold Valentine’s Day Bracelets

White gold is perhaps the most sought-after metal color of the season, but don’t be fooled — these white gold styles go beyond trends. Whether your partner wants a vintage-inspired bezel design or something more modern and daring, white gold Valentine’s Day bracelets have a clean, contemporary sheen they’re sure to love.

Stackable Valentine’s Day Bracelets

Why not wear love on your sleeve (or wrist) on a daily basis? The stackable Valentine’s Day bracelets are made just for that — easy, effortless style they can layer on every day as a reminder of your love. Although each bracelet works well solo, creating a shimmering stack adds instant elegance to every look.

Shop Bracelets And Other Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Ready to celebrate your extraordinary love with Valentine’s Day bracelets or other fine jewelry? Shop our favorite looks of necklaces, earrings, and more featuring VRAI created diamonds. By converting greenhouse gas into diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, Valentine’s Day jewelry with VRAI created diamonds do more than just shine — they reflect the extraordinary.