Valentine’s Day Rings for Her & Him: 9 Thoughtful Styles

Alicia Briggs | December 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day is the ideal holiday to show your loved ones how much you love them. The gifts you give on Valentine’s Day are meant to symbolize what your relationships mean. Few gifts are as meaningful or timeless as Valentine’s Day rings. Give a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime by choosing a unique and thoughtful ring. Read on to discover the best styles of VRAI created diamond rings to give this February 14th.

What Are the Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Candy, flowers, and greeting cards are common gifts for Valentine’s Day while jewelry accounts for a quarter of Valentine’s Day gifts. Unlike the first three items, jewelry will last a lifetime, which makes for an enduring and timeless Valentine’s Day gift.

Is Jewelry A Good Gift for Valentine’s Day?

Jewelry is one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. Jewelry is a popular, romantic gift that can be customized to perfectly symbolize your love. It’s a practical and durable gift that’s also beautiful, which makes jewelry the ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

How Do You Choose The Best Jewelry For Valentine’s Day?

The best jewelry for Valentine’s Day will largely depend on your taste and the message you’re trying to send. Valentine’s Day is when we show our loved ones what they mean to us. It’s the ideal time to choose a romantic piece of jewelry that says "I love you."

Are Diamond Rings A Good Valentine’s Day Gift?

Diamond rings are the ideal Valentine’s Day Gift. Diamonds symbolize love, strength, and relationships. Diamond rings have been used to symbolize love for centuries, which explains why we give diamond rings for engagement and wedding rings.

Diamond rings can easily be customized to suit your relationship and style. A diamond ring for Valentine’s Day is a gift that will be cherished forever.

What Are The Most Popular Reasons to Give Valentine’s Day Rings?

While diamond rings make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, no matter the reason, there are a few popular reasons to give Valentine’s Day rings. Many couples choose to give Promise rings, symbolizing their commitment to each other. Other couples love to exchange couples rings to represent their union and love.

One of the most popular reasons to give a diamond ring on Valentine’s Day is to say "I do." Giving the gift of a diamond engagement ring is the ultimate way to express your love.

Overall, the best ring for Valentine's Day will depend on your reason for giving it, and your taste.

How to Buy Diamond Valentine’s Day Rings

If you want to buy a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Use the diamond 4Cs to find the best diamond that suits your budget and taste. Different diamond shapes hold different meanings, so understanding the diamond cut can help you choose one that perfectly represents your relationship.

Where to Buy Valentine’s Day Rings

If you want to buy a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day, choose VRAI created diamonds to ensure you’re giving a quality, certified diamond ring that you’re loved one can cherish. When you buy our sustainably created lab-grown diamonds, you’re choosing a gift that is beautiful both inside and out - just like your loved one.

You can shop our timeless collection of VRAI created diamond Valentine’s Day jewelry online.

How to Design Custom Valentine’s Day Rings

If you’d like to buy an engagement ring or need some assistance customizing your Valentine’s Day ring, our VRAI Diamond Experts can help. Schedule a virtual appointment or select one of our showrooms to choose the ideal, unique Valentine’s Day ring for you. You may also book an appointment with them to create your very own custom-design engagement ring.

Why You Should Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Rings for Valentine’s Day

Our lab-grown diamonds are created in our zero-emission foundry with a transparent sustainable production process. No other lab-grown diamond company can say the same.

When you choose VRAI created diamonds, you’re choosing high-quality diamonds with a guaranteed origin and no negative human or environmental impact. Mined diamonds can’t provide the same guarantee.

On Valentine’s Day, what better way to show your love for people and the planet than by choosing VRAI created diamonds?

Discover the 9 Best Styles of Valentine’s Day Diamond Rings

Some of our favorite settings for celebraing the most romantic day of the year.

1.Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

Selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement ring depends on your personal preference and style. You may want an engagement ring that makes a statement, with unmatched brilliance, or maybe the subtle glamor of a vintage-inspired engagement ring for her is ideal.

If you’re planning to propose and you’re looking for a spectacular Valentine’s Day ring for your girlfriend, our Diamond Experts can help. Explore the different Valentine’s engagement ring styles to see which style best reflects your love on this special day.

2.Valentine’s Day Promise Rings

Promise rings are one of the best Valentine's rings for couples to symbolize their devotion to each other. Promise rings represent your commitment to each other, often used to symbolize your intention to get engaged.

Valentine’s promise rings will vary depending on the couple, but they are typically going to be more understated than an engagement ring, while still romantic and striking.

3.Valentine’s Day Gold Rings

Gold rings are known for their beauty and durability, so a gold ring for Valentine’s Day makes a perfect gift. 14k gold rings are a versatile choice, available in a variety of styles and price points. Choose a ring that’s simple yet elegant or explore statement pieces for Valentine’s Day special gold rings.

Valentine’s gold rings are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, which makes it possible to find a beautiful option that complements any style and skin tone.

4.Valentine’s Day Rings For Him

Diamond rings aren’t just a thoughtful gift for her. Choose one of our men’s Valentine’s Day rings to show how much he means to you. Choose the metal color that best represents him when selecting the ideal men's ring for Valentine’s Day. Platinum metal has an indulgent expression, yellow gold is classic and traditional, white gold is a contemporary choice, and rose gold creates a romantic, vintage feel.

5.Valentine’s Day Cuff Rings

Cuff rings are a quintessential style for Valentine’s rings. Featuring two different stunning VRAI created diamonds, cuff rings symbolize how two contrasting diamonds can come together beautifully. It’s the perfect Valentine’s diamond ring to represent a relationship.

Mixed cuff rings have a unique shine to them, thanks to the way the light plays off of each diamond shape. This is a wonderful diamond ring style meant for everyday wear.

6.Rose Gold Valentine’s Day Rings

Rose gold rings are the perfect color for Valentine’s Day rings. Most of us associate pinker hues with the holiday, and rose gold rings represent romance, timeless elegance, and style.

A rose gold Valentine’s ring will have a vintage yet contemporary feel, while perfectly complementing the holiday. Rose gold is an exquisite metal choice for women’s Valentine’s rings, but it’s also a gender-neutral choice worn by all.

7.Cluster Diamonds Valentine’s Day Rings

Cluster diamond rings make a unique and thoughtful style for Valentine’s Day. Cluster rings feature several diamonds clustered together to create a mesmerizing shine and one-of-a-kind shape. Cluster rings commonly form a floral shape, which makes for timely and charming Valentine’s Day rings.

Cluster rings can also be a more affordable ring style if you’re looking for a budget-friendly Valentine’s gift.

8.Valentine’s Day Wedding Bands

If you’re selecting Valentine’s Day rings for your wife or husband, consider our thoughtful selection of VRAI wedding bands. Choose a Valentine’s Day wedding ring that perfectly symbolizes your union or anniversary.

Whether you’re looking for modern, unique, or vintage-inspired wedding rings, our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you find the best ring for you.

9.Valentine’s Day Rings for Couples

Couple rings for Valentine’s Day are a wonderful gift idea. Select a pair of Valentine’s Day couple rings that best highlight your personal style or choose matching couple’s rings. These make meaningful rings for Valentine’s day.

If you’re planning on stacking your rings, choose a metal color and diamond shape that complements the rings you already own.

Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Ring with A Diamond Expert

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you choose a diamond ring that best represents your love on Valentine’s Day. Book an appointment to speak with a Diamond Expert today or explore our selection of beautiful Valentine’s Day Jewelry.