art deco engagement rings
art deco engagement rings

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Rings: 9 Favorite Looks

Kimberly Zerkel | November 03, 2022

For some couples shopping for lab-grown diamond wedding rings, the fact they will become future heirlooms is not enough. Many want bands with character and personality that have a story or appear to have been passed down. Vintage-inspired wedding rings continue to grow in popularity. But what are vintage-inspired wedding rings? And are they right for you?

Read on to discover nine favorite looks. Or book an appointment with our diamond experts to find the vintage look with VRAI created diamonds that pairs perfectly with your style.

What Are Vintage-Style Wedding Rings?

A vintage-style wedding ring is a new wedding ring based off of a popular style from the past. Those searching for a vintage-inspired style might want something influenced by the Victorian era or something 1960s-retro. The important thing to remember is that these rings are not actually from that era, but are crafted in a way to honor past designs.

What Are Different Styles Of Vintage Wedding Bands

Vintage-inspired wedding bands featuring VRAI created diamonds often have a modern twist. These styles are influenced by popular designs from the twentieth century, such as the Art Deco era. Which style of vintage wedding band is meant just for you and your future betrothed?

Art Deco Wedding Rings

Art Deco is a shortened version of the French arts décoratifs and refers to a look that’s all about geometric patterns, and abstract design. There’s always an emphasis on fine craftsmanship and luxury. Art Deco engagement rings are increasingly sought-after, and styles like the Tetrad Ring, Five Stone Band, and Alternating Shapes Band, are popular women’s wedding rings.

Mid-Century Wedding Rings

Mid-century modern style is one of the most popular vintage-inspired looks today. This aesthetic, dating from the 1950s and 1960s, is defined by clean lines, streamlined or rounded silhouettes, and minimal details. Many mid-century designs are perfect men’s wedding rings. Examples of mid-century wedding rings are the bubble-like Curator band, the Round Inlay Band, and the Brushed Baguette band.

Late Twentieth Century Wedding Rings

A “new” vintage-inspired look comes from the end of the twentieth century in the 1980s and 1990s. Jewelry from this era was inspired by pop art and veered away from traditional silhouettes. These two decades are also important to the diamond industry, as newer cuts like the Princess and Radiant cut diamonds grew in popularity at this time. For a nod to 80s and 90s fashion, try a Chevron or Signature V Band or an Eternity Band featuring Princess cut diamonds.

Are There Vintage-Inspired Wedding Ring Sets?

There are matching vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands for those wanting a perfectly coordinated wedding ring set. The delicate Single Shared Prong engagement ring and Single Shared Prong Band has an instant heirloom look. The Baguette Bar engagement ring and Baguette Bar Band have the clean lines often associated with mid-century modern. And the slight point and minimalist look of the Knife-Edge engagement ring and Knife-Edge Band is perfect for those wanting late-twentieth century style.

What Are The Best Vintage-Inspired Couples Rings?

When looking for couples rings, it’s sometimes best to find the same style that’s available in multiple widths so each person can have the size ring that feels most comfortable to them. Devotion Bands, Flat Bands, and Round Bands all come in various widths so you can create the perfect matching set.

Discover Vintage-Inspired Wedding Rings WIth Our Diamond Experts

Find your future heirlooms by shopping vintage-inspired wedding rings today. Book an appointment with our diamond experts who will give you personalized guidance through our collections. They’ll help you find the perfect ring that matches your styles and ensure that it pairs with your engagement ring. Prepare for a future together with styles inspired by the past!