What Are Made-to-Order Engagement Rings?

Alicia Briggs | January 01, 2024

Made-to-order, custom, and preset are common terms retailers use to describe how their engagement rings are made. If you’re not sure what made-to-order engagement rings are, read on for everything you need to know. We’ve included details on how to buy made-to-order engagement rings online, and how VRAI engagement rings are made.

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What Are Made-to-Order Engagement Rings?

Made-to-order engagement rings are rings that allow the shopper to customize certain details of the design. Made-to-order (MTO) engagement rings are not premade, just pre-designed.

For example, a made-to-order engagement ring has a specific setting, but the buyer can choose their preferred metal color, band details, and the center diamond.

In this manufacturing method, the engagement ring is only created after the order is placed, as it’s made according to the customer's specifications.

Made-to-order vs Custom Engagement Rings

Made-to-order engagement rings and custom engagement rings are often confused with one another, but they aren’t the same thing. The difference between made-to-order, custom, and ready-to-ship engagement rings is detailed below.

Made-to-order Engagement Rings

MTO rings already have a specific design, created by the retailer, but certain details are customizable. The buyer will choose these details and the ring is made according to their preferences.

Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement rings are one-of-a-kind designs that aren’t already offered by the retailer. The buyer will work with a jeweler to design their custom engagement ring from start to finish.

Ready-to-ship Engagement Rings

Ready-to-ship engagement rings, also known as preset rings, are already made. Nothing about preset rings can be customized. The shopper simply buys the preset ring as is.

Both custom and made-to-order engagement rings are a wonderful choice, but they offer different pros and cons.

Custom engagement rings require a hands-on design process. They can often cost more than made-to-order engagement rings, depending on the details. Custom engagement rings are best for people who have a specific design already in mind that they can’t find elsewhere.

Made-to-order engagement rings are always customizable, but every detail isn’t customizable. MTO engagement rings offer a nice alternative to custom engagement rings. With numerous options to choose from, you can still have a unique ring, but you don’t have to create your design from scratch.

How VRAI Engagement Rings Are Made to Order

All VRAI engagement rings are made-to-order, so you can easily customize your engagement ring online. Once you place your order (online or at a VRAI showroom), our master craftspeople create your ring according to your specifications. It is then shipped directly to your doorstep.

VRAI engagement rings are made specifically for each buyer, so we have a different mentality when making the piece. There’s a level of pride and precision that defines VRAI’s aesthetic and our manufacturer’s craftsmanship.

Once you’ve ordered your VRAI design, your made-to-order engagement ring is made in five steps:

  1. First, our template CAD (computer-aided design) is adjusted for your selected VRAI created diamond shape and ring size.

  2. Your ring design is then printed as a wax mold. Our expert jeweler casts it in solid gold or platinum, according to your specifications.

  3. The casting is deep cleaned and quality checked.

  4. The design is then customized with your specific VRAI created diamond and any selected band details or engravings.

  5. Once it’s finished, the engagement ring is polished to perfection and shipped to you.

What sets VRAI apart from other made-to-order retailers is our level of customization, craftsmanship, and sustainable, in-house production process.

VRAI created diamonds are grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry. VRAI engagement rings are the only Carbon Neutral Certified engagement rings on the market today. Since VRAI designs are made in-house, by our expert master craftspeople, we can oversee every step of the production process.

VRAI offers true transparency on production, lab-grown diamond pricing, and quality, which is something most diamond retailers cannot provide.

What to Consider When Buying a Made-to-Order Engagement Ring

While many jewelers offer made-to-order engagement rings, not all MTO rings are created equal. Before buying a made-to-order engagement ring, consider the following:


Not all retailers use premium materials and offer certified diamonds. Always verify the quality of the engagement ring before buying. Never buy an engagement ring if the diamond is not certified, with the diamond grade fully available for review beforehand. Confirm the quality of the metal and any other details with the retailer as well.

Level of Customization

Some retailers may claim to offer MTO engagement rings but when it comes down to it, almost nothing is customizable. Other retailers may only offer a few designs with limited options.

VRAI offers a level of customization that other brands can’t. All VRAI engagement rings are made-to-order with a large range of elevated, innovative, timeless engagement ring designs to suit any style. VRAI also offers 31 different diamond shapes in varying carat weights so that you never have to settle for a center diamond that you don’t truly love.


Most engagement rings available, especially if they are made with mined diamonds, are overpriced with high designer markups. Their price isn’t a reflection of their quality. Both mined and lab-grown diamond retailers rarely offer transparency on how their rings are priced, where their materials are from, and what their production process looks like.

Thanks to VRAI’s vertically integrated supply chain and use of renewable energy, we can provide full transparency. You’ll never need to guess how VRAI engagement rings are made, who makes them, and how our diamond prices are determined.

Ship-By Date

When buying made-to-order engagement rings, always confirm that there is a ship-by date. It’s important to know that your engagement ring will be made within a time frame that works for you before buying.

Return Policy & Warranty

Lastly, always confirm that your made-to-order engagement ring can still be returned. While your engagement ring should be made according to your specifications, you may not love the final product when you see it in person, or it may not fit right. This is especially true if you’re buying online. Confirm that the jeweler offers a suitable return policy, and ideally, a warranty.

All VRAI created engagement rings come with a Full Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day return policy. Our Lifetime Care Policy also includes complimentary resizing, repairs, and an annual professional cleaning.

Buy VRAI Made-to-Order Engagement Rings Online

Use the following steps to buy a made-to-order engagement ring online, at VRAI:

  1. Start by exploring our engagement ring settings on our website (you can also visit a VRAI showroom if you prefer).

  2. Select your preferred engagement ring setting.

  3. Next, select your desired VRAI created diamond shape, then tap “Select your diamond.” You’ll be taken to VRAI’s full diamond inventory so that you can choose the diamond that suits your preferences.

  4. Once you’ve found your VRAI created diamond, tap “Select.”You’ll then be prompted to choose the remaining customizable ring details (band, metal color, ring size, etc).

  5. When your design is finished, click “Add to bag”. Your engagement ring will then be made to order and sent to you by the ship-by date.

If you need any help buying a VRAI engagement ring, consult with a diamond expert online for complimentary assistance.

Made-to-Order Engagement Rings FAQs

Read on to learn more about buying an engagement ring.

How Much Is a Custom Engagement Ring?

The cost of customizing an engagement ring depends on the details, the materials, the diamond shape, and the diamond grade. All VRAI made-to-order engagement rings are customizable and the cost is provided before you buy it.

At VRAI, a 1-carat Petite 4-prong Solitaire engagement ring with a plain 14k rose gold band costs $1,450. The cost goes up from there depending on the diamond shape, carat weight, and the setting details.

What Are Most Engagement Rings Made Out Of?

Most engagement rings are made from platinum or solid gold and feature a real, solitaire diamond. Some engagement rings may be made from other gemstones or precious metals, but the majority of quality engagement rings are made from the materials listed above.

Do Engagement Rings Need to Be Ordered?

All made-to-order and custom-design engagement rings need to be ordered. Preset engagement rings are the only engagement rings that can be purchased immediately, without ordering.

Both custom and made-to-order engagement rings are created according to your specifications, which means they need to be ordered online or in-store beforehand.

How Can You Tell If an Engagement Ring Is Good Quality?

The diamond certification and diamond grade will verify whether or not an engagement ring is high quality.

Is It Cheaper to Make or Buy an Engagement Ring?

Made-to-order engagement rings are not necessarily more expensive than preset engagement rings. The price difference between the two depends on the retailer, the diamond quality, and the details.