Zodiac Jewelry And Engagement Rings For Every Sign

Kimberly Zerkel | August 16, 2022

Our relationship with the stars and planets has been studied since ancient times. But interest in the zodiac has grown and astrology is more popular than ever before. A growing number of individuals know the in and outs of their personal astrological charts — and want to put their zodiac sign on full display.

Each astrology lover deserves fine jewelry that goes beyond a standard pendant. What engagement rings, daily essentials, and statement pieces match your zodiac sign? What gifts are ideal for the stargazer in your life?

Read on to discover the perfect zodiac jewelry and engagement rings for every sign featuring VRAI created diamonds from the sky.

Aries Engagement Ring And Jewelry

The zodiac starts with Aries, a fire sign known for its courage and action. A Knife-Edge engagement ring in 14k solid rose gold with a shield-like Trillion cut diamond at its center seems only fitting for this mighty warrior.

Solitaire designs featuring this strong diamond shape, like Trillion Solitaire Studs are also ideal for everyday wear. But when it comes time to splurge on the Aries in your life, consider the Hearst Hairpin — the perfect statement piece for a sign known for moving through life headfirst.

Taurus Engagement Ring And Jewelry

Taurus is an earth sign most closely associated with the planet and nature. The “bull” of the zodiac is also known for being loyal — and a little stubborn. The Devotion engagement ring in platinum with Round cut diamonds is ideal for the Taurus ready to show their unyielding devotion and love.

Those born under the sign of Taurus are also unapologetic lovers of luxury. Blossom Studs make the perfect daily staple, while the sophisticated and indulgent Tennis Necklace is the ideal design to splurge on.

Gemini Engagement Ring And Jewelry

As the twins of the zodiac, Geminis know that two heads — or two diamonds — are always better than one. A Toi et Moi engagement ring in 18k solid yellow gold that combines two distinctive diamond shapes together is ideal for this inquisitive air sign.

Geminis love gathering data and cultivating multiple interests at the same time — so they’re unlikely to choose just one shape to highlight in their fine jewelry collection. Gift your favorite “twin” the Mixed Cuff Ring for everyday wear, and the Mixed Shape Bracelet as their go-to design for special occasions.

Cancer Engagement Ring And Jewelry

The first water sign of the zodiac is Cancer, the celestial crab that loves staying nestled within their shell and enjoying the comforts of home. A Signature Bezel engagement ring in 18k solid white gold completely surrounds a watery, teardrop-inspired Pear shaped diamond for a look that’s symbolic and secure — a must for the Cancer in your life.

This deeply emotional sign is ruled by the moon, making the Half Moon Iconic Studs perfect for their everyday style. When it’s time to splurge, a Halo Pendant that dangles over the heart is a meaningful gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Leo Engagement Ring And Jewelry

Leos are the lions of the zodiac. They are fire signs that don’t shy away from being the king or queen of the jungle. So for the Leo in your life ready to roar and put their love on full display, a pavé yellow gold Curator engagement ring with a Radiant cut diamond should do the trick.

An Inner Fire Medallion that radiates their courage and drive makes the ideal daily staple. But for special occasions — and Leos love special occasions — a show-stopping Illuminate Choker is worth indulging in.

Virgo Engagement Ring And Jewelry

As an earth sign known for its perfectionist tendencies, a Virgo wants fine jewelry that is both beautiful and functional. A Signature 6-Prong engagement ring in durable platinum marries form and function for this hard-working, detail-oriented sign.

Virgos are the most likely to invest in styles that will stand the test of time — so Solitaire classics in their favorite diamond shape are wonderful for daily wear. The timeless Tennis Bracelet is the perfect indulgent addition to their meticulously-kept collection.

Libra Engagement Ring And Jewelry

When it comes to selecting designs for the Libra in your life, you might just have to choose for them. This air sign represented by the scales of justice sees both sides of every story — and has a tough time making up their mind! The Two Tone engagement ring in 14k solid rose gold features platinum prongs so your Libra can have the best of both worlds. But getting them to choose their favorite diamond shape might be tricky…

Libras are fashion lovers, so Bezel essentials in every metal color and diamond shape are perfect for mixing and matching day to day. The flirtatious Connected Earrings are their must-have splurge.

Scorpio Engagement Ring And Jewelry

A Scorpio’s reputation undoubtedly precedes them wherever they go. That’s because this water sign isn’t afraid of plunging to the depths, whether it be in conversations, relationships, or work. The distinctive dip of the Signature V engagement ring in 18k solid white gold personifies their dramatic personality.

An Asscher diamond — known for its deep cut that hides carat weight below the surface— is the perfect symbol for the Scorpion in your life and is best highlighted in Iconic Studs. And because Scorpios are fascinated with both power and loyalty, a Contract Ring is their on-hand statement piece.

Sagittarius Engagement Ring And Jewelry

As the hunter and explorer of the zodiac, a Sagittarius wants fine jewelry that represents their unbridled passion and love of adventure. The Hover in 14k solid rose gold is an engagement ring settin that creates the illusion of a “hovering” diamond. This look embodies their eternal optimism, joy, and rosy outlook on life.

Because a Sag needs to be constantly on the move, the North Star Medallion should be their everyday essential. For a decadent gift that will remind them that they’re on the right path, a Compass Ring is ideal.

Capricorn Engagement Ring And Jewelry

As the goat of the zodiac, a Capricorn is devoted to climbing the highest heights and mastering every skill they put their mind to. The high arches that define a Cathedral engagement ring in platinum are perfect for the sign that knows only one direction: up.

This earth sign is the CEO of astrology. The powerful-yet-practical Tetrad Ring is a wonderful fashion ring for them to wear to their next board meeting or conference call. The Currency Necklace is an ideal indulgent gift to remind them of their worth as they face any and every challenge.

Aquarius Engagement Ring And Jewelry

The Aquarius is an air sign known for its intellect and ability to think outside the box. The water bearers in your life are far from practical and more interested in what’s unique. A contemporary take on a timeless design like the Hidden Halo engagement ring in 18k solid white gold creates an intriguing luminary effect sure to catch their attention.

While bucking convention, an Aquarius might choose a unisex gift like the Lapel Pin to add to their jacket, t-shirt, or whatever look they please. And the striking Unity Climber, which combines multiple diamond shapes into one powerful statement piece, is a sophisticated and avant-garde design they won’t be able to resist.

Pisces Engagement Ring And Jewelry

Although Pisces are sometimes considered sensitive and emotional, the fish of the zodiac are actually better described as intuitive and creative. A Three Stone engagement ring setting that lets them put the past, present, and future of their love story on display is perfect for these artistic individuals.

As the most whimsical of water signs, fancy shapes like Pear or Marquise cut diamonds are ideal, especially when displayed in a dramatic Ear Arc. When it’s time to celebrate the Pisces in your life, a Neptune Floating Necklace encapsulates their deep connection to the sea.

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