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Marquise cut diamonds

The Marquise diamond combines playful charm and historical romance in an elegantly elongated shape.


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This unique navette shape adds historical romance to contemporary settings.

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Frequently asked questions about Marquise Diamonds

In short, yes. A Marquise-shaped diamond can appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. This is due to its elongated form. Because it often makes fingers appear longer and more slender, it can also appear larger in contrast when on hand.

Marquise-shaped diamonds were commissioned in the eighteenth century by King Louis XV of France, who wanted a diamond in the shape of his lover’s lips. The object of his desire was the Marquise de Pompadour, who lends her title to the smile-shaped diamond to this day.

The shape is sometimes also referred to as “navette,” the French word for a small boat or gondola.

A Marquise-shaped diamond can be featured in engagement rings as well as fine jewelry designs. When featured in an engagement ring, the diamond is traditionally set in a “North-South” position, meaning the ends point up towards the nail and down towards the hand.

Modern takes on classic designs sometimes feature the Marquise in an “East-West” position, where the diamond appears on its side. VRAI’s Signature East-West Solitaire and Signature East-West Bezel engagement ring are examples of this style.

Because of a Marquise-shaped diamond’s historical context, many consider them perfect for a vintage-inspired setting. Three Stone, Halo, and Bezel engagement rings featuring Marquise-shaped diamonds are timelessly elegant, vintage-inspired designs.

But Marquise is also perfect for modern styles, as well. Hover, Signature V, Hidden Halo, and Two Tone engagement rings are contemporary takes on classic settings, and would highlight a Marquise-shaped diamond’s curves and points to perfection.

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