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Lab Grown Pink Diamonds

Celebrate life’s true moments like never before with coveted VRAI created pink diamonds.


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Guide to buying pink diamonds

Pink Diamond FAQs

As its name suggests, a pink diamond is a fancy colored diamond that is pink in color. Pink diamonds are not graded on the same D-Z color scale as white diamonds. Mined pink diamonds are very rare. There are only a few mines in the world where pink diamonds can be found, like the Argyle mine in Australia.

Pink diamonds are considered one of the rarest fancy colored diamonds, second only to red diamonds. There are only a few mines in the world where pink diamonds can be found, like the Argyle mine in Australia. The rarest pink diamonds are usually a deeper shade of pink and have a higher carat weight.

The value of pink diamonds has gone up considerably over the past couple of decades, not only because of their rarity, but because of celebrity endorsements. Famous couples wearing pink diamond engagement rings have driven up both the demand and market value. Like white diamonds, the price of a pink diamond can increase exponentially because of carat weight. Deeper or more intense shades of pink are considered more valuable.

The 4Cs — cut, color, clarity, and carat weight — all apply to pink diamonds, as well. However, the most important C is generally considered color for these diamonds. The intensity of its color will determine its overall value. The second is carat weight, as a larger pink diamond will likely be more expensive than a smaller one with the same grade of cut, color, and clarity. Pink VRAI created diamonds are Fancy Vivid, the highest color grade available. VRAI is also proud to offer pink diamonds of a higher carat weight.

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