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Princess cut diamonds

Beauty and strength unite in the Princess cut’s thoroughly modern and sought-after diamond shape.


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Princess cut engagement rings

Explore the engagement rings settings perfect for highlighting this modern-yet-timeless shape.

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Our guide to Princess cut diamonds

Our tips for finding the Princess cut diamond meant just for you.

Frequently asked questions about Princess Diamonds

A Princess cut VRAI created diamond has 57 brilliant cut facets.

Browse the selection of Princess cut diamonds on VRAI’s diamond table and make your selection. Then choose “Purchase without setting” to complete your purchase. Loose VRAI created diamonds of 0.5 carats and more are sold with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can choose your lab-grown diamond with confidence.

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes in the world and can be featured in nearly all engagement rings. So choosing a setting should be based on personal preference first. Some customers also take security into account, however. This is because the pointed corners of the Princess cut diamond, as opposed to the rounded corners of a Cushion, can make it slightly more susceptible to damage such as chipping. While this should by no means deter anyone from choosing a Princess cut diamond or the setting of their choice, Halo and Bezel engagement ring settings will add an extra layer of melée diamonds or metal around the center stone for additional protection.

The most popular Princess cut engagement rings are solitaires. VRAI’s Signature Solitaire and Classic Solitaire offer prong settings that will cover the Princess’s sharp points, offering an extra layer of protection while allowing light to enter from all sides. Cathedral engagement rings as well as Three Stone settings are also popular choices for this modern-yet-timeless shape.

When it is time to buy an engagement ring, however, your selection of setting should always be based on personal preference, not trends.

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