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Radiant cut diamonds

The Radiant cut diamond’s elongated form offers ideal brilliance and added durability.


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Everything you need to know before finding the VRAI created diamond to say yes to.

Radiant cut engagement rings

Explore engagement ring settings that spotlight the Radiant’s fiery brilliance.

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Frequently asked questions about Radiant Diamonds

A Radiant shaped VRAI created diamond features 70 brilliant cut facets which are responsible for its well-known fire and scintillation.

The difference between Radiant and Emerald shaped diamonds is their cut. A Radiant shaped diamond features brilliant cut facets and an Emerald shaped diamond features step cut facets. Although their outward shapes are similar, the two cuts will have distinctively different ways of interacting with the light.

Radiant and Cushion cut diamonds can sometimes be confused with one another due to their squarish shape and brilliant cut facets. But there are easy indicators to tell them apart. Most Radiant cut diamonds will be slightly more rectangular than a Cushion. But the main differences are related to their edges and corners. A Radiant features straight edges and beveled, or cut, corners (like an Emerald shaped diamond). A Cushion’s sides and corners are rounded, giving it a pillow-like shape.

Explore VRAI’s inventory to buy diamonds. Browse Radiant cut diamonds to make your selection, then choose “Purchase without setting” to complete your purchase. Loose VRAI created diamonds of 0.5 carats and more are sold with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can choose your lab-grown diamond with confidence.

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