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Round cut diamonds

Renowned shine makes Round cut VRAI created diamonds the most sought-after shape in the world.


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Frequently asked questions about Round Diamonds

A Round cut diamond features 57 triangular and kite-shaped facets.

The ideal ratio for a Round diamond is 1.0 to 1.03.

Round cut diamond’s size is true to its carat weight. It looks slightly larger than Asscher cut diamonds of the same carat weight, similar in size to Cushions, but smaller than elongated forms like the Emerald, Pear, or Marquise.

Cushion cut diamonds can appear slightly larger than Round cut diamonds of the same carat weight due to a larger table and larger facets. But the Round Brilliant cut diamond is slightly more brilliant than a Cushion. In general, the difference in size between the two is not as distinctive as with other elongated forms.

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