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Round Rose cut engagement rings

Named for resembling a rosebud, Round Rose cut engagement rings offer a uniquely warm appearance and undeniably romantic appeal.

Shown with: Round Rose | Yellow gold

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What are popular Round Rose cut engagement ring settings?

Explore styles featuring Round Rose cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

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Round Rose cut engagement rings FAQ

A Round Rose cut engagement ring is any engagement ring that features a solitaire Round Rose cut VRAI created diamond, or a three stone setting with a Round Rose cut at its center. A Round Rose cut is similar to a Round Brilliant, but with a flat bottom, domed crown, and rosebud facets.

Yes, Round Rose cuts often appear larger than Round Brilliant cuts of the same carat weight. This is because of their flat bottom; instead of some of the weight being “hidden” below, it is distributed more broadly across the top width of the diamond, making it appear slightly larger on hand.

Match your Round Rose cut engagement ring with a wedding band based on style or metal color. For Solitaire, Halo, or Three Stone engagement rings, for example, choose a petit Eternity, Infinity, or Devotion band in matching platinum or solid gold for the perfect pair.

For certain engagement settings, like the Signature V or Curator, consider pairing with their matching wedding band styles.

Although you may shop for cut for you VRAI created diamonds entirely online, we recommend starting the process by booking an appointment with a diamond expert, either online or in-store. After specifying that you want a Round Rose cut, you’ll select your carat weight and go over polishing details. You may then select your engagement ring setting or purchase the Round Rose as a loose diamond.

Clarity. Rose cuts have so few facets that they hide nothing. High clarity is important unless you are happy with the appearance of slight inclusions.

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