White gold wedding rings & bands

Modern meets eternal in white gold wedding rings, known for their clean, contemporary style and timeless appeal. Featuring lab grown diamonds created by VRAI.

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White Gold Wedding Rings with Lab-Grown Diamonds FAQ

Mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap into a cup of warm water until fully dissolved. Dip your wedding band in the solution and use a soft cloth (or soft bristle toothbrush) to gently scrub clean. Rinse with clean water and let dry on a clean, soft cloth.

Please be careful to not use any soap that contains beads or exfoliants. And also be careful to not rinse your ring over an open drain in a sink, should it slip out of your hands and fall.

You may pair your white gold wedding band with an engagement ring of the same metal color, regardless of its style. However, many wedding bands are made to pair perfectly with their matching engagement ring.

While most of VRAI’s wedding ring settings are made of 18k solid gold, some 14k solid gold styles exist. A Tetrad Ring or a Signet Ring are wonderful options for those looking for 14k solid white gold wedding rings. These looks are also customizable with different diamond shapes for a wedding ring that’s true to your style.

“His and hers” wedding bands is a term coined by the jewelry industry for couples’ rings. “His and his,” “hers and hers,’ — define love on your own terms! For matching white gold wedding rings, consider the Round Inlay Band or the Infinity Band in different widths. Others ways of creating a matching pair would be through highlighting the same diamond shape, such as a Brushed Baguette Band paired with a Baguette Bar band, for example.