12 Best Wedding Bands For Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: How To Pair

Alicia Briggs | April 25, 2023

The historic, powerful Emerald cut diamond is a wonderful and popular choice for an engagement ring. When it comes to selecting a wedding band to pair with this versatile diamond shape, the options are vast. The best wedding bands for Emerald cut engagement rings will depend on your style, your budget, and the overall look you’d like your ring set to have. Use this article to help you select a beautiful wedding band featuring VRAI created diamonds that pairs with your engagement ring.

VRAI diamond experts are available for personalized guidance in creating a wedding ring set tailored perfectly to you when you book an appointment.

Is An Emerald Cut Diamond A Good Choice For An Engagement Ring?

An Emerald cut diamond is an excellent choice for an timeless engagement ringmlove a timeless yet modern ring that stands outs. Emerald cut diamonds are considered one of the oldest diamond shapes, yet their contemporary and linear shape breaks tradition.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings appear larger than they are due to their elongated, rectangular shape and large surface area. While they may not have the same brilliance as a Round Brilliant cut diamond, their step-cut creates a truly mesmerizing “hall of mirrors” effect. Plus, Emerald rings typically cost less than the classic Round Brilliant cut. For these reasons and more, Emerald cut engagement rings are a popular choice.

What Is An Emerald Cut Wedding Band Set?

An Emerald cut wedding ring set refers to an Emerald cut engagement ring and wedding ring that are chosen together. Since both rings are traditionally worn together once you’re married, choosing a wedding ring set ensures that the rings pair together beautifully and comfortably. This helps prevent potential chipping or rubbing, or ring designs that clash.

How Do You Stack Your Emerald Engagement Ring With Your Wedding Ring?

When it comes to stacking rings, it's important to choose rings that can be worn together, comfortably and securely. Traditionally, both rings are worn on your left ring finger. You’ll typically put the wedding ring on first, as it's worn closest to your heart, and stack the engagement ring after.

To successfully stack your Emerald cut engagement ring with your wedding ring, it’s important to know your ring size before buying your rings. This ensures that both rings are secure and won’t slide around or rub against each other.

The other thing to consider is that your engagement ring setting stacks comfortably and beautifully with your wedding band. It’s important to choose a wedding band that won’t potentially chip higher carat weight diamonds, or complex, diamond-forward ring settings.

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How Do You Pick A Wedding Band That Complements An Emerald Engagement Ring?

There are numerous ways to pair your wedding band with your Emerald cut engagement ring. First, consider whether or not you'd like to choose a matching bridal ring set or pair different yet compatible designs.

The easiest way to create a matching ring set is to choose matching VRAI created ring settings or styles, such as The Signature V Band and The Signature V. You can also match your rings by choosing Emerald cut diamonds for both or by selecting the same metal color.

If you’d prefer to mix and match your rings for a unique look, get creative and choose contrasting details that reflect your style. Whatever designs you choose, prioritize styles that can be worn comfortably together.

Book an appointment with our VRAI Diamond Experts to select a wedding band that will truly compliment your Emerald ring.

What Wedding Band Goes Best With An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

The best wedding band for an Emerald cut engagement ring depends on your engagement ring, as well as your personal preferences. For example, if you’re trying to pair a classic Solitaire engagement ring with a wedding band, you can choose a band that highlights your style and this diamond shape.

If you have modern tastes, a sleek, white gold band like The Flat or one with linear diamond shapes will enhance the Emerald cut diamond’s contemporary look. If you’re a diamond lover or prefer a more vintage-inspired look, consider diamond-accented bands like The Infinity, or a yellow gold band.

The best way to choose a wedding band for your Emerald cut engagement ring is to book an appointment with our diamond experts. Their professional guidance will help you create the perfect pairing for your specific engagement ring and style.

If you're looking at other diamond shapes for your proposal ring, read more on pairing Marquise engagement rings with wedding rings, matching your pear shaped ring with a wedding band, and pairing a oval center stone with a wedding ring.

The 12 Best Wedding Bands To Go With Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Use the following wedding band designs as inspiration for your Emerald cut diamond engagement ring pairing.

Curved Wedding Bands For Emerald Cut Diamonds

Curved wedding bands are as unique as they are beautiful. They are sure to stand out and highlight the historic, vintage look of an Emerald cut diamond. These designs pair well with diamond-forward Emerald cut engagement rings, like The Duet or The Toi et Moi, or higher carat weights. A curved wedding band will beautifully frame these diamond-accented settings without rubbing against or chipping the center stone.

Baguette Wedding Bands For Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Few pairings are as perfect as Emerald Baguette wedding bands. The sleek Baguette cut diamond perfectly compliments the linear Emerald cut diamond, highlighting its strength and shape. For an especially clean and modern look, consider white gold for your Baguette wedding band.

Wedding Bands For Emerald Cut Solitaire Rings

The best wedding band for an Emerald cut Solitaire engagement ring will vary depending on the specific setting you choose. For classic ring settings, like The Classic, consider a yellow gold band or the diamond forward Emerald Eternity wedding band. These pairings will create a warm, elegant, and vintage-inspired feel. For more contemporary engagement rings, like The Signature East-West, consider a lustrous platinum band or a brilliant, unique wedding ring, like the Alternating Shapes Band.

Matching Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Bands

An easy way to pair your Emerald engagement ring with a wedding band is to choose matching styles. At VRAI, we have numerous matching wedding and engagement ring designs, perfect for all tastes.

You may love the elegant and sleek Knife Edge, the timeless and symbolic Twisted Classic, or the dazzling, heirloom feel of The Five Stone. A few other wonderful wedding bands with matching Emerald engagement ring settings are The Devotion, The Pave Dome, or The Five Stone Halo Band.

Where Do You Buy Wedding Bands For Emerald Cut Rings?

Explore our wide selection of expertly crafted wedding bands featuring VRAI created diamonds online or in one of our showrooms. For complimentary, personalized assistance in buying a wedding band, book an appointment with our diamond experts. This is the easiest way to buy a wedding ring that truly pairs with your Emerald engagement ring and budget.

If you’d like to buy a wedding band without assistance, you can do so on our website. Simply select your preferred wedding ring, then choose the metal color and ring size and click “add to bag.” Your VRAI wedding ring is then made to order and shipped to you with its diamond certification and lifetime warranty.

Why Should You Choose A Lab-grown Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Set?

There are numerous reasons to choose a wedding ring set featuring VRAI created Emerald cut diamonds. Our diamonds are grown in our zero-emission foundry and then set into recycled gold by our Master Craftspeople, with no human or environmental toll. We oversee each step of the production process, ensuring fair wages, and guaranteeing the true origin of your lab-grown diamond. Mined diamonds, and other lab-grown diamonds, have no such guarantee.

Since we’re there for the entire journey of the diamond, with no middlemen markups, we’re able to offer the most competitive diamond prices in the industry.

When you choose VRAI created Emerald cut diamond wedding sets, you’re selecting high-quality, certified diamonds that you’ll be proud to wear. Plus, all VRAI engagement rings and wedding rings come with a full Lifetime Warranty, and annual cleaning so your ring set will last, just like your love.

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