How To Perfectly Pair Your Solitaire Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

Kimberly Zerkel | July 14, 2022

Solitaire engagement rings are by far the most popular engagement ring settings of all time. And when it comes to pairing this timeless style with a wedding ring, the options are nearly endless. From building a completely matching set to mixing silhouettes and metal colors for a bold look, there’s no wrong way to perfectly pair your ring and band featuring VRAI created diamonds for a look that’s unique to you.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by choices, however. In this guide, discover some of the many options you have for creating a lab-grown diamond solitaire wedding ring set that’s true to your personal style.

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What Wedding Ring Goes With A Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Because there are so many varieties of solitaire engagement rings, there are wedding bands that pair perfectly with almost all of them. Here are a few tips to help break down your many choices and get closer to finding the one.

With Classic and Signature solitaire engagement rings, you have many options. A traditional pairing would include a Round or Flat band, or an Infinity Band. There is no rule against pairing these classic settings with a different silhouette, however. Many are now choosing a Chevron or Signature V Band to add contrast to their wedding ring set. Others are choosing diamond accented styles, like an Alternating Shapes, Devotion, or Eternity Band. The only rule to follow here is to select a petite Eternity Band, as the medium and large size might not sit as comfortably alongside your engagement ring.

With certain solitaire styles, like a Duet, Curator, or Knife-Edge engagement ring, there are wedding bands that are a perfect match. The same is true for Single Shared Prong, Baguette Bar, and Devotion engagement rings. Select their matching wedding bands in the same metal color for a perfectly paired set.

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Round Solitaire Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

A Round solitaire engagement ring is timelessly elegant and of the most sought-after looks of all time. Those who choose a Round Brilliant diamond engagement ring have classic style and want a more traditional wedding ring stack. But traditional doesn’t mean boring or old-fashioned. Coveted Round Solitaire pairs highlight the beauty of this coveted diamond shape in a thoroughly modern way. You can also learn more about the differences between round and oval shape engagement ring.

Classic Round Brilliant Ring

The Classic Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

With clean fluid lines, the Classic Round Brilliant engagement ring honors its moniker with a touch of modernity. Four curved engagement ring prongs solely caress the center stone, allowing light to enter from all directions for maximum brilliance.

yellow gold infinity band

The Infinity Band

The Infinity Band is a refined rendition of a timeless style. A shining series of individually handset pavé diamonds decorate the entire band in a modern u-cut setting.

Oval Solitaire Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

An Oval engagement ring is quickly becoming one of today’s most popular styles. That’s because it pairs a classic solitaire setting with the more modern and maximalist Oval cut diamond. Those who choose an Oval solitaire wedding ring set want timeless with a twist; the look they create is both elegant and bold.

The Signature Oval Engagement Ring

The Signature Oval Engagement Ring

The Signature Oval is a symbol of enduring simplicity. Designed to sit low on your finger and flush with your wedding band, our signature sling dips slightly below the band, drawing in light so your diamond shines bright.

The Round Eternity Band

The Round Eternity Band

Our Eternity band fully embodies the strength of your commitment with a wide-set band featuring VRAI created Round Brilliant diamonds. Commemorate an eternity of love and union with a wedding band designed to last a lifetime.

Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

[Princess cut engagement rings]/engagement-rings/princess-cut) are a favorite for those who love the brilliance of a classic Round diamond but the clean lines and pointed edges of a more contemporary form. The square shaped Princess cut diamond exudes a look of strength and modernity. When pairing with a wedding band, consider bold, diamond-accented rings to create a daringly sophisticated look.

The Signature V Princess Engagement Ring

The Signature V Princess Engagement Ring

A future classic, the Signature V Princess engagement ring is at once timeless yet untraditional. Contoured cusps nestle a sustainably created diamond between the band’s dipping center for a unique adaptation of the classic solitaire.

Rose Gold Unisex Wedding Rings

The Signature V Band

Elegant in its craftsmanship, the Signature V band can be worn with the V facing either direction and sits flush with our Signature V engagement ring.

Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring With Wedding Bands

A Marquise cut diamond engagement ring is playful and flirtatious — in part because the diamond’s shape is meant to resemble a smile. A Marquise Solitaire engagement ring not only highlights its whimsical appeal, but showcases how it maximizes carat weight. Pair with a slender wedding band for a look that is elegant and elongates the finger.

The Single Shared Prong Marquise Ring

The Single Shared Prong Marquise Ring

A diamond-forward take on our Classic setting. Four curved prongs solely caress the Marquise center stone while an array of VRAI created diamonds appear to float in the platinum or solid gold single shared-prong setting, creating a look of ethereal elegance.

The Single Shared Prong Band

The Single Shared Prong Band

A diamond-accented take on a timeless wedding band design. A row of VRAI created diamonds appear to float in a platinum or solid gold single shared-prong setting, creating the perfect pair with its matching engagement ring.

Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring With Wedding Bands

A Pear cut engagement ring is often considered to be symbolic and emotional. This is because Pear cut diamonds resemble tears of joy which is why they are also called teardrop shaped engagement rings. But beyond its meaning, the Pear is often beloved for its tapered and asymmetrical form. A Pear Solitaire wedding ring set can play with these contrasting edges and curves for a look that is expressive and unique.

The Tapered Classic Pear Engagement Ring

The Tapered Classic Pear Engagement Ring

Modern meets vintage-inspired in this twist on our Classic engagement ring setting. The platinum or solid gold setting is tapered at the head, creating clean lines that draw attention to the solitaire VRAI created diamond.

Chevron wedding band

The Chevron Band

Thoughtfully designed, the Chevron Band features gentle contours. Inspired by a classic chevron band, this refined interpretation balances a minimalist form with soft curves.

Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring With Wedding Bands

An Emerald cut engagement ring highlights the strength and exacting precision of the world’s oldest diamond shape. The clean edges and hall-of-mirrors effect created by its step cut facets give this shape both timeless and modern appeal, however. When pairing with a diamond-accented wedding band, consider selecting Baguette shaped diamonds for a look that is elegant and linear.

The Baguette Bar Emerald Engagement Ring

The Baguette Bar Emerald Engagement Ring

With a hint of deco and a dash of sleek, the Baguette Bar engagement ring exudes a quiet confidence that’s both modern and nostalgic.

baguette infinity band

The Baguette Bar Band

Art Deco inspired and elegantly sleek, the matching Baguette Bar Band is the perfect compliment to a wedding ring set that’s modern and historic at the same time.

Are There Solitaire Wedding Ring Sets?

Yes! Certain engagement ring styles have a matching band that perfectly complements their silhouette. Each of these sets are available in platinum or the solid gold color of your choice. But below are examples of how to create an entirely matching set from start to finish.

Platinum Solitaire Wedding Ring Sets

A platinum engagement ring and wedding band are the ultimate expression of refinement, particularly in diamond accented designs. Beyond its luster and durability, platinum is also known for its purity, making it an excellent choice for those with skin sensitivities.

Yellow Gold Solitaire Wedding Ring Sets

A yellow gold engagement ring and wedding band marries classic elegance with alluring sophistication for the individual looking for a twist on traditional.Yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself, so a yellow gold solitaire wedding ring set will always have timeless appeal.

White Gold Solitaire Wedding Ring Sets

For a white gold engagement ring and wedding band stack that is more future-forward, select settings that feature contemporary edges and lines. White gold’s clean and bright shine creates an instant sleek and futuristic look, so consider modern, squared diamond shapes for these settings.

Rose Gold Solitaire Wedding Ring Sets

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands have a whimsical and historical appeal, perfect for those looking for an heirloom in the making. Rose gold creates a look that is regal, romantic, and vintage-inspired, so consider pairing with whimsical shapes, like a Pear or Marquise cut lab-created diamond.

What Baguette Wedding Bands Go With Solitaire Engagement Rings?

There are various wedding bands featuring Baguette shaped diamonds that pair with almost any solitaire engagement ring. A favorite is the Baguette Bar Band, where an endless array of diamonds are set within a platinum or solid gold setting. The Devotion Band, which nestles the Baguette shaped diamonds in between its platinum or gold setting, continues to grow in popularity. And the Alternating Shapes Band is perfect for those who love both Round and Baguette shapes and want to playfully mix and match.

What Infinity Bands Go With Solitaire Engagement Rings?

Infinity Bands, by definition, have diamonds that wrap all the way around the ring. And nearly all Infinity Bands — including Devotion Bands, Alternating Shapes Bands, Baguette Bar Bands, and more — will pair perfectly with nearly any solitaire ring. The only exception is a larger Eternity Band. The petite size sits comfortably alongside most ring styles, but medium and large Eternity Bands feature larger diamonds that might bump or brush against your setting. Try these styles on with the help of a diamond expert to ensure the perfect fit.

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