Pair Marquise Cut Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

Kimberly Zerkel | August 4, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | August 4, 2022

While dreaming of the perfect engagement ring setting featuring VRAI created diamonds and ideal diamond shape, many draw a blank when it comes time to select a matching wedding band. But part of buying an engagement ring is knowing how to pair it with a band that will not only compliment the overall look, but also fit comfortably when worn as a set.

For those with lab-grown diamond Marquise engagement rings, there are certain styling tips to keep in mind for this romantic and playful shape. Read on to discover how to mix and match your engagement ring and wedding band for a set that you’ll love for a lifetime.

What Is A Marquise Engagement Ring?

A Marquise cut engagement ring is any Solitaire or Three Stone setting with a Marquise cut diamond at its center. The Marquise is a “navette” or gondola-like shape, similar to the outline of a smile. It is said that the Marquise was created after King Louis XV of France requested a diamond shape that resembled his lover’s lips.

A Marquise engagement ring is often worn by those with dramatic, bold, and romantic style. It is considered playful, whimsical, and flirtatious. Because its elongated form maximizes carat weight — making it look larger than most other diamond shapes of the same weight — the Marquise is also often beloved by those with more maximalist taste.

What’s The Best Wedding Band To Go With A Marquise Engagement Ring?

The “best” wedding band to go with your Marquise engagement ring is the one that you love wearing every day because of its comfort and beauty. But because the Marquise is elongated and features two distinctive points, it’s important to find a band that will pair flush and not bump up against or scratch the diamond’s edges.The best way of finding the perfect fit is by speaking with a diamond expert who will help you measure your ring size and try on wedding rings and engagement rings together to ensure the perfect fit.

For those wanting to explore styles on their own, however, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. For diamond-accented bands, many select Infinity, Devotion, and petit Eternity bands with melee or Round diamonds to compliment the Marquise’s brilliant cut facets.

Consider the setting, or style, of your Marquise engagement ring while selecting a wedding band. The engagement ring’s overall design will influence what band will match best.

Marquise Solitaire Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

A Marquise Solitaire engagement ring is perhaps the most popular way of displaying this fancy diamond shape. This is because the romantic and alluring Marquise cut diamond’s peaks and curves are on full display in a timeless Solitaire engagement ring setting.

There are lots of options for pairing this style of engagement ring with a wedding band. For classic solitaire settings, both a Round or Flat Band, or diamond-accented Infinity, Mixed Shape, Devotion, or petite Eternity Bands work wonderfully. Bands with a slightly different silhouette, like a Signature V or Chevron Band work well with the Marquise since their dramatic dip accents the diamond’s pointed edges.

The Round Band
The Signature Engagement Ring
The Infinity Band

Marquise Halo Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

A Marquise cut diamond is known for maximizing carat weight and appearing larger on the finger than other diamond shapes. When a halo of melee diamonds is added, the perceived size and spectacular brilliance of the Marquise are magnified.

For Halo engagement rings, diamond-accented wedding bands are best for completing the overall look. Consider pairing a petite Eternity Band, an Infinity Band, or a Devotion Band for a wedding ring set that shines from every angle.

The Eternity Band
The Halo Engagement Ring
The Devotion Band

Marquise Three Stone Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

The Three Stone engagement ring setting allows you to create a Marquise engagement ring as unique as your love story. Choosing a wedding band to pair it with will help complete its one-of-a-kind look.

A trio of Marquise cut diamonds is undeniably brilliant and eye-catching. Consider pairing with a petite Eternity Band for a truly diamond-forward look. For a Marquise surrounded by side stones of a different shape, consider an Alternating Shapes Band. A Half Pavé Band will also add the perfect amount of shimmer to your stack.

The Alternating Shapes Band
The Three Stone Engagement Ring
The Half Pavé Band

Vintage-Inspired Marquise Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands

Certain styles of engagement ring and wedding band are designed to add in even more whimsy. The Single Shared Prong engagement ring and band link an array of diamonds together in a minimalist setting, which makes the stones seem to float on air. A Hover or Signature Bezel setting harkens back to Art Deco days and perfectly highlights the Marquise’s distinctive form.

The Flat Band
The Signature Bezel Engagement Ring
The Devotion Band

How To Find The Perfect Marquise Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Sets

These perfect Marquise engagement ring and wedding band sets feature settings that are quite simply made for one another. The rings’ curves, dips, and points align for a stacked look that highlights the Marquise’s elongated form and maximalist shine.

Platinum Marquise Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

A platinum engagement ring and wedding band are the ultimate expression of decadence and refinement, so consider a diamond-accented pairing for this metal color. Platinum is renowned for its strength and purity, making it ideal for those with skin sensitivities.

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Yellow Gold Marquise Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

A yellow gold engagement ring and wedding band marries timeless elegance with bright allure for the individual looking for a twist on traditional. Because yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself, it is often sought after for the classic look it creates.

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Rose Gold Marquise Engagement And Wedding Bands

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands have a regal and vintage-inspired appeal, perfect for those looking for an heirloom in the making — a rose gold Marquise engagement ring in particular is quite romantic. This hue pairs well with both yellow and white gold, making it ideal for those with mixed colors in their jewelry collection.

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White Gold Marquise Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands

A white gold engagement ring and wedding band stack is sleek and futuristic, especially when featured in settings with more contemporary edges and lines. White gold’s clean and bright shine paired with a Marquise wedding ring set creates a look of undeniable modernity.

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