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Eternal expressions of your love and devotion featuring VRAI created diamonds.

Expert advice
Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

How to buy a wedding ring

Our guide to finding the wedding ring that’s right for you.

VRAI designs unisex wedding rings that empower self-expression for men, women, and gender nonconforming individuals. However, there are certain best-selling styles that many couples choose again and again for their timeless appeal.

Our most popular wedding rings for women are the Infinity Baguette band, the Infinity band, and the Emerald Tetrad. Our most popular wedding rings for men are the Brushed Baguette band, the Round, and the Flat.

All-diamond wedding rings, such as Infinity Bands, Eternity Rings, and Devotion Bands, continue to grow in popularity for all.

There are many unique wedding ring styles today that are modern updates on the traditional platinum or solid gold band. Wedding rings like Infinity, Eternity, and Devotion Bands feature an endless array of diamonds nestled within their respective platinum or solid gold settings.

Other wedding rings, such as the Curator band or Knife-Edge band, are domed or peaked in order to pair with their matching engagement ring styles. And Chevron and Signature V wedding bands feature a prominent dip that can either pair with Duet or Signature V engagement ring settings, or with any Solitaire or Three Stone engagement ring for dramatic style.

Custom wedding rings are one-of-a-kind wedding rings that a couple designs with help from our diamond experts. Many custom designed wedding rings are simply a small tweak on an already existing design — this might include making a band slightly wider than usual, or adding pavé details where they might not regularly be featured.

At other times, a couple will have a completely new design that they want to bring to life — such as creating an Eternity ring with a different diamond shape. The only way to know if your custom design is possible is to begin your inquiry with a design expert, who can seamlessly guide you through this white-glove process.

All of VRAI’s rings are suitable to be worn every day as fine jewelry, outside of a wedding context. This means that our wedding bands also make wonderful anniversary or birthday gifts. Perhaps the most popular rings for wedding anniversaries are Eternity bands and Devotion bands. With a variety of customizable options, these rings can be perfectly tailored to fit the occasion.

Other popular rings for anniversaries include Infinity bands, Half Pavé bands, and Tetrad rings.

By selecting a wedding ring featuring diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, as well as platinum or recycled solid gold, you are celebrating your values alongside your love. The array of sustainably created diamonds featured in your setting are free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy their beauty, guilt-free.

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Frequently asked questions

Traditionally, a wedding ring is worn on your left ring finger. If you also wear an engagement ring, the two are customarily worn together on this same finger, with the wedding ring going on first. However, only you and your partner can decide what finger you would like to wear your ring on.

Regardless of your choice, be sure to measure your ring size on the exact finger you intend to wear your wedding ring on before purchasing, as size varies from finger to finger and even hand to hand. Most bands can be resized up to one size should the ring not fit properly, but all-diamond styles such as an Eternity ring cannot be altered.

There is no set rule on how much you should spend on your wedding rings. Only you and your partner can decide what your budget on rings should be. However, many couples spend an average of 3% of their overall wedding budget on rings. Spending more or less depends on your personal preferences and what other details you plan on paying for on your wedding day.

Traditionally, an engagement ring is a platinum or solid gold band that features a solitaire diamond at its center. Many variations of this style exist, including three stone settings with a prominent solitaire diamond surrounded by side stones.

In the past, only one person in the couple — the individual proposed to — wears an engagement ring. This has changed in recent years as couples have decided to exchange pairs of engagement rings, or purchase another piece of fine jewelry alongside an engagement ring to signify their commitment.

A wedding ring is usually a platinum or solid gold band that lays flat against the finger, with no prominent stone at its head. It can be embellished with diamonds, but these are usually secured inside the ring’s setting, instead of being displayed on top with prongs.

An engagement ring is exchanged at the time of the proposal. Wedding rings are generally saved for the wedding ceremony itself.

Traditionally, if an engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together on the same finger, the wedding ring goes on first. But there is no right or wrong way to wear your rings together. The most important rule is to wear them in a way that is most beautiful and most comfortable to you. For some, this means stacking the two rings together. For others, this means wearing the rings on separate fingers or hands.

The best thing to do to prepare for wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring together is to measure the finger(s) where you’ll wear the rings. You should also try on the rings together, especially if they are stacked, to make sure they fit comfortably side by side. Always keep your engagement ring in mind when deciding on what wedding band works best for you, and know that the majority of VRAI’s engagement ring designs are crafted to pair flush with your wedding ring.

Infinity and Eternity bands are wedding rings with diamonds that go all the way around the band. Infinity bands have a pavé setting for small diamonds called melee diamonds. Eternity bands feature Round Brilliant diamonds weighing in at an average per stone of 0.05 ct for petite bands, 0.10 ct for medium bands, or 0.16 ct for large stones. Therefore, the diamonds in Eternity bands are larger in size than the melee diamonds featured in Infinity bands. This gives the Eternity bands a substantial look, and Infinity bands a more delicate look.

VRAI also designs Baguette Infinity bands, which feature an array of Baguette shaped VRAI created diamonds instead of the rounded melee diamonds.

Devotion bands can also feature an entire ring of diamonds, but they are nestled within a channel setting, meaning there are platinum or solid gold bands on either side of the round or baguette-shaped diamonds. Devotion bands are available in full or half diamond settings.