Rings With 2 Carat VRAI Created Diamonds

A 2 carat diamond engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds is a bold and brilliant reflection of your love.

How to buy a 2 carat diamond ring

Your guide to finding the 2 carat diamond engagement ring meant just for you

A Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape in the world. Its perceived size is considered true to its carat weight. A 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is timelessly elegant and can be passed down as a family heirloom for generations to come.

Oval shaped diamonds continue to grow in popularity because they are a modern take on the classic Round Brilliant. Their elongated form maximizes carat weight, meaning they appear larger on the finger than a Round Brilliant cut diamond. A 2 carat oval shaped diamond engagement ring is perfect for those wanting to put a slight twist on traditional style.

A cushion cut diamond is named for its pillow-like appearance. While it shares many similarities with a Round Brilliant cut diamond, its deeper cut “hides” some of its carat weight. This means that a Cushion actually appears smaller than Round Brilliant diamonds of the same carat weight. Regardless, a 2 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring creates a vintage-inspired look and feel in nearly any setting.

Princess cut diamonds are one of newest diamond shapes; they appeared in the late 20th century and steadily grew in popularity as a center stone. Because of their square length-to-width ratio, Princess cut diamonds can actually appear smaller than most diamond shapes of the same carat weight. But their large table will make them seem slightly larger than a Round Brilliant. A 2 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring creates a stunning look of modern sophistication.

Pear shaped diamonds are considered the most symbolic of diamond shapes because of their “teardrop” form. Their elongated shape also makes them appear slightly larger on the finger than a Round Brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight. A 2 carat pear shaped diamond engagement ring is both playful and romantic and perfect for couples with unique or vintage-inspired style.

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2 carat diamond ring FAQ

The price of a 2 carat diamond engagement ring is determined by many factors. The style of ring and metal choice can greatly influence the price of the setting. VRAI created 2-carat diamond engagement rings roughly cost between $2,780-$6,0860. The ring setting, metal choice, diamond shape, and diamond quality will determine how much a 2-carat diamond ring is.

Once the setting is purchased, the diamond must be bought to complete the ring. Carat weight is only one of many factors that influences a diamond’s value. The other 4Cs — including cut, color, and clarity — play an important role. On average, a 2 carat Round Brilliant diamond can cost anywhere between three to five times more than a 1 carat Round Brilliant diamond with the same grade of cut, color, and clarity.

Deciding between a 1 carat and 2 carat diamond engagement ring is a personal choice that should be based on your budget and style. Although many want the largest diamond available within their price range, doubling carat weight does not necessarily mean doubling its perceived size. On average, a 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond will appear around 50% larger than a 1 carat diamond of the same shape. Consider how your preferred diamond shape displays its carat weight before opting for a lighter or heavier stone.

There are noticeable differences between the size and price of 1.5 and 2-carat diamond rings.

The size difference between 1.5 carat and 2-carat diamonds will vary when comparing different diamond shapes. On average, 2-carat diamonds are 8.1mm in diameter while 1.5-carat diamonds are 7.4mm. Some diamond shapes appear larger than they are, while others hide their carat weight.

However, a 2-carat diamond ring will always cost more than a 1.5-carat diamond ring of the same quality and value. For example, a Near Colorless VS2 2-carat VRAI created Asscher cut diamond costs $2,591. A 1.5-carat Asscher cut diamond of the same quality is $1,635.

The ring setting and diamond shape you choose can help your 2-carat diamond look bigger. Elongated diamond shapes, like Oval, Pear, or Marquise diamonds, appear larger than they are.

Halo and Bezel settings will create the illusion of a larger center diamond. A Cathedral setting can also enhance the size of your 2-carat diamond, as it lifts the diamond up, closer to the eye.

Solitaire settings are VRAI’s most sought-after engagement ring settings for a 2-carat diamond ring. Some of our most popular settings also offer additional security. For classic tastes, consider The Signature 6-Prong, The Halo for a vintage-inspired ring, and The Bezel for a sleek and contemporary ring. Your style, budget, and diamond shape will influence the best setting for you.

All VRAI ring settings are expertly crafted and come with a Full Lifetime Warranty that ensures your 2-carat diamond ring is protected.

By selecting a 2 carat diamond sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, your engagement ring is a reflection of your true love and true values. This sustainably created diamond is free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy its beauty, guilt-free. And by choosing a vertically-integrated company like VRAI, your 2 carat lab-grown diamond is free from markups, meaning it is likely at a more approachable price point than mined diamonds of the same size.

When choosing a 2-carat diamond ring, look for a certified diamond with an Excellent cut and high clarity grades. At 2 carats, inclusions and blemishes appear more noticeable than at lower carat weights. A high-quality 2-carat diamond will ensure a brilliant, eye-clean diamond ring.

Another thing to consider is the ring setting. It’s important to select a secure setting for a 2-carat diamond. For diamond shapes that have exposed points or edges, such as a Pear or Princess cut, the setting should cover them entirely for protection.

A 2-carat diamond is a wonderful size for a diamond ring with coveted brilliance and noticeable size. It’s one of the most popular carat weights for an engagement ring, and is sure to stand out.

To see how big a 2-carat ring will look on your finger, use our virtual size chart on our website. When you select the engagement ring setting, you can view how each carat weight will look on a sample size 6 hand.

VS2 and above are the best clarity grades for a 2-carat diamond. These clarity grades ensure an eye-clean, stunning diamond.

If you’re not sure which clarity grade to choose, our VRAI diamond experts can help when you book an appointment.

With VRAI, you can have the beauty of a real, 2-carat diamond with no human or environmental toll. VRAI lab-grown diamonds are the only Carbon Neutral Certified diamonds. Our 2-carat diamond rings are the result of expert craftsmanship, cut to exacting proportions, and set into premium materials.

Through the power of renewable energy and a vertically integrated supply chain, VRAI can offer higher-carat weight diamonds for less. Our 2-carat diamond engagements are available at approachable price points. When you choose VRAI, you’re buying an engagement ring that is as bold and beautiful as you are.