Princess cut lab grown diamond earrings

From simple to statement-making, shop earrings with princess cut VRAI created diamonds.

Each carat of VRAI created diamond saves:


lbs (65kg) of carbon dioxide


ounces (57 kg) of air pollution


tons (227 tonnes) of earth

Princess cut diamond earring FAQ

Princess cut diamonds are consistently one of the most popular diamond cuts for earrings. Their coveted brilliance and versatile square shape make them a desirable choice for all genders and styles.

The carat weight and setting largely determine the price of Princess cut diamond earrings. Smaller diamonds and simpler settings will cost less than more complex settings and bigger diamonds.

A pair of 14k solid gold Solitaire studs with .25 carat Princess cut VRAI created diamonds costs $750. By comparison, the same VRAI created diamond set in our Halo Studs will cost $950, as Halo settings feature additional pavé diamonds.

Men can, and do, wear Princess cut diamond earrings. Despite this shape's ultra-feminine name, Princess cut diamonds are consistently chosen by men who love this shape’s substantial and modern look.

A Princess cut diamond between .25 and 1 carat is best for diamond studs. This carat weight is comfortable to wear every day, and won’t feel too heavy on your ears. For shoppers who prefer bigger and bolder studs, consider 1 or 2-carat Princess cut diamonds.

If you prefer minimalist stud earrings with a smaller diamond, opt for .25 or .5-carat Princess cut diamond earrings.

14k solid gold is the best metal choice for Princess cut diamond earrings. Gold is a highly durable precious metal that makes a wonderful setting for diamond earrings. There are several gold colors to choose from which will change the style of your Princess cut diamond earrings. Yellow gold is classic and timeless, while white gold enhances the linear and sleek silhouette of a Princess cut diamond. Alternatively, rose gold will add a feminine softness to this angular square shape.

Princess cut diamonds stun in numerous settings, but the best one for you depends on your style and preferences.

Solitaire Studs are the most popular Princess cut diamond earrings. This timeless setting features four understated prongs that let the Princess cut diamond take center stage.

If you love the contemporary, square shape of a Princess cut, then a Bezel Stud is the perfect style for you. The Bezel setting fully encompasses the Princess cut diamond, highlighting its square shape.

If you prefer to enhance the brilliance of a Princess cut diamond, a Halo Stud will add a vintage-inspired look while enhancing its size and shine.