Cyber Monday Diamonds: Save While You Shine

Kimberly Zerkel, Angelica Frey | October 18, 2023

Kick off the Holiday season with maximum brilliance by gifting yourself or your loved one(s) VRAI created diamonds.

Check out VRAI’s Cyber Monday jewelry deals, Black Friday jewelry deals, and yearly offers and promotions to get an idea of what you can look forward to as you check timeless diamond jewelry gifts off your holiday list. Get ready to save while you shine and twinkle like the stars with VRAI created diamonds.

What Are VRAI’s Cyber Monday Diamond Deals?

Check back the week of Cyber Monday for the latest deals for 2023.

And when one gift isn’t enough, double the delight with layering and stacking. Purchase a minimum of two pieces of jewelry (necklace, earring, ring or bracelet, any combination is allowed) for a total of $800 or more, and receive a $100 off.

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What Is VRAI’s Cut for You™ Process?

If you want your diamond gift to stand out even more, VRAI’s Cut for You™ Process gives you unbridled creative freedom when purchasing a VRAI created diamond. You can now have a diamond that is cut and polished to order just for you, choosing from 30 shapes and a wide range of sizes.

The Cut for You™ process always prioritizes cut and clarity. Our diamond planners start with a rough diamond grown within our Zero Emission foundry, and then determine a cut plan that best suits the diamond while minimizing inclusions.

VRAI’s Cut for You™ process offers classic diamond shapes, historical diamond shapes, and exclusive in-house cuts.

Cut for You™ Diamonds: Elongated Cushion

With their rounded corners, Cushion diamonds are reminiscent of pillows. Elongated Cushion engagement rings differ from the standard Cushion diamond for its rectangular, rather than square shape and is a modern take on a classic cut. Cushion diamonds have large facets that highlight clarity, disguise inclusions and maximize radiance. They sport unprecedented fire —more bright colors from within the gem when viewed at different angles. Cushion cuts are considered modern versions of the Old Mine Cut, the most popular round diamond cut through the early 1900s, giving them a vintage-inspired look.

How to Style It

“Elongated cushion diamonds have the elegance of an oval while having a more softly square shape,” says Meg Esterkin. They also have a wide variety of faceting patterns. They either have brilliant cut facets that invoke antique cut diamonds or a modified brilliant cut with extra sparkle that looks like crushed ice or light sparkling across water. “Elongated cushions are highly sought after but difficult to find, making them a perfect choice for a timeless solitaire ring that’s still super unique,” Esterkin suggests.

Cut for You™ Diamonds: Heart Diamond

Heart diamonds have been around since the 16th century, when Mary Stuart gifted one to Elizabeth I as a gesture of enduring friendship. Heart diamonds feature 57 brilliant-cut facets for maximum brilliance and scintillation. True to their name, they’re shaped like a stylized heart. A [heart shaped engagement ring](/engagement-rings/heart-cut) offers a unique and beautiful option.

How to Style It

“Heart diamonds have the sparkle and brilliance of a round diamond, but with a soft and romantic shape,” says Esterkin. “You can emphasize the romance by setting heart diamonds in 14k Rose Gold for a solitaire or by pairing them in a Toi et Moi style with another brilliant shape like an oval or pear.”

Cut for You™ Diamonds: Kite Diamond

Kite diamonds are shaped like the beloved childhood toy of the same name, and combine step-cut and brilliant-cut facets. The step cut component gives kite shape engagement rings an elegant and discreet brilliance, reminiscent of stars across the night sky.

How to Style It

“Kite diamonds combine the cool asymmetry of a pear diamond with the step cut facets of an emerald, giving them a geometric, yet still romantic feel,” says Esterkin. “Kite makes an incredible solitaire engagement ring, set north south or east west across the finger. It’s also a perfect shape for a stand-out diamond necklace or pendant.”

Cut for You™ Diamonds: Brilliant Emerald

The traditional Emerald cut diamond shape has an elongated, rectangular shape,with step-cut facets that are polished straight and linear in parallel lines. This modified Emerald has the same outline—it’s rectangular, with beveled corners— but it sports brilliant-cut facets, which make a Brilliant Emerald engagement ring more scintillating than the traditional Emerald.

How to Style It

“This is a perfect shape for those who love the shape of emerald but miss that brightness of a more faceted shape,” says Esterkin. “Brilliant Emerald looks gorgeous in a solitaire or dressed up in a three stone design with trillion or baguette cut accents.”

What Are Some Shapes Unique to VRAI?

Through the Cut for You™ Process, VRAI also developed a series of exclusive in-house diamond shapes, which reinterpret classic shapes with innovative faceting patterns or repurpose historical cuts for contemporary buyers.

The Capri cut, for example, has an Oval and Cushion-like silhouette, but with step-cut facets similar to an Emerald on the bottom of the stone and a mixture of step and brilliant facets on the top. The Cushion Princess Cut has the Cushion’s pillow-like silhouette, but the Princess’s Chevron-like facets. The Regulus is a round cut that offers a contemporary spin on the Old European Cut.

Cyber Monday Diamond Rings We Love

Ready for a diamond Cyber Monday? Start preparing your bag with a variety of rings featuring VRAI created diamonds. From engagement rings to wedding bands (or both offered together as a matching set), there are looks for every style. Not planning an engagement or wedding? Transform these styles into your very own right-hand statement ring, a gift you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Cyber Monday Engagement Rings

The engagement ring you offer should be a reflection of your love, their personal style, and your shared values. VRAI offers a selection of modern-yet-timeless engagement ring settings for every look. Beloved best-sellers include the Classic or Signature Solitaire and Three Stone engagement rings. Future classics include the Toi et Moi, the Five Stone Heirloom, and Floating Solitaire and Floating Split Band settings. Which design will you make uniquely yours?

Cyber Monday Wedding Rings

Your wedding band will be worn through thick and thin — so you should select a design that fits into your daily routine and everyday style. VRAI wedding rings come in a variety of widths and styles, and feature your favorite metal colors and diamond details. This means that there is a look meant just for you and your future beloved. Timeless styles include the Flat, the Round, Eternity Bands, and Half Pavé Bands. New favorites include the Five Stone Band, the Round Inlay Band, and the Devotion Band. Choose the design that is as unique as your union.

Cyber Monday Statement Rings

Saving while you shine this Cyber Monday isn’t only reserved for those getting engaged or married. Give yourself the gift of a right-hand statement ring. Many of VRAI’s diamond engagement rings and diamond-accented wedding bands are perfect for updating your cocktail-ring collection. Some styles that make a dramatic statement are Curator Bands, the Toi et Moi, the Five Stone Band, or the Signature V Band. Which design will you choose to get everyone talking?

Book A Cyber Monday Diamond Appointment

Speak with our diamond experts this Cyber Monday to take advantage of all of VRAI’s great offers and promotions. This personalized consultation will provide you with in-depth education and guidance on buying diamonds so you can select the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands, and more. Experience white-glove Cyber Monday shopping by booking an appointment today.