woman hand holding up large carat round brilliant diamond engagement ring
woman hand holding up large carat round brilliant diamond engagement ring

Engagement Ring Trends 2024: Top 10 Trends That Are Sure to Be Timeless

Alicia Briggs | December 20, 2023

Selecting an engagement ring can be difficult, especially when new designs and styles are trending. In this guide, we dive into the top engagement ring trends for 2024. We based these anticipated trends on what diamond experts predict, what shoppers sought out in 2023, and what searches are on the rise.

Unlike in fashion, trending engagement rings don’t necessarily go out of style. We’ve narrowed down ten timeless 2024 engagement ring trends that will always remain in vogue.

For further inspiration, explore our full collection of engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds to find your perfect ring style.

What Were the Engagement Ring Trends in 2023?

In 2023, the biggest engagement ring trends featured a contemporary twist on classic Solitaire settings. In 2023, an Oval cut diamond was one of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings. We also saw more shoppers choosing engagement rings with different gemstones, such as the Sapphire engagement ring trend.

Solitaire engagement rings were the most popular ring style in 2023, with an emphasis on East-to-West and Bezel settings. Mixed metals also took center stage, as did multi-diamond engagement rings, particularly the Toi et Moi.

What Is the Trend in Engagement Rings for 2024?

The newest engagement ring trend in 2024 is custom detailing. More shoppers are adding personalized touches for a truly bespoke engagement ring. The quiet luxury jewelry trend will continue to influence engagement rings in 2024. We’ll see more people choosing timeless vintage-inspired designs with a custom twist.

10 Top 2024 Engagement Ring Trends to Try

Discover the best 2024 trending engagement ring styles to help you buy the engagement ring of your dreams.

Yellow gold engagement rings

1. Yellow Gold Bands

Gold bands are always in demand, but classic yellow gold is the gold engagement ring trend for 2024. While previous years saw an emphasis on mixed metals, platinum, and rose gold, the always chic yellow gold has consistently risen to the top.

Yellow gold is both versatile and timeless. Most engagement ring settings stun in yellow gold, especially vintage-inspired designs. Yellow gold engagement rings also offer more flexibility for diamond color grades.

What to Buy:

Prioritize a near-colorless center diamond for yellow gold bands to ensure a bright, white center diamond. Make sure the retailer sells real, 18k solid gold. Explore our full inventory of 18k solid yellow gold engagement rings to find the band style that suits you best.

exclusive cut for you diamond shapes include Fusion, Harmonia, Heart, Hexagon, Kite, Long Hexagon, Lozenge, Lucky, Octavia, Oval Rose, Passion

2. Unique Center Diamonds

While Round Brilliant cut diamonds consistently remain the most popular diamond shape, more shoppers are seeking unique or fancy-shaped center diamonds. One trend that’s expected to rise in 2024 is cut to order custom diamonds. More shoppers are having retailers cut bespoke, rare diamond shapes, such as Heart, Hexagon, and Kite diamonds, for their engagement rings.

What to Buy:

Book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert to begin the Cut for You™ process. VRAI offers 30 lab-grown diamond shapes to choose from. You simply select your preferred diamond shape and our Master Cutters will select and cut your diamond according to your specifications.

Minimalist Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

3. Modern Minimalism

Contemporary designs took center stage in 2023. In 2024, modern minimalism is expected to rise. Linear, angular settings with a simple and sleek look are more desirable than ever. More shoppers are prioritizing a high-quality, understated design that’s easy to wear with anything.

What to Buy:

Choose a Solitaire engagement ring with a linear diamond shape (Emerald, Radiant, Princess, etc.) and a single plain band. Compare different bandwidths, metal colors, prong types, and diamond shapes to find the best combination for your minimalist wardrobe.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings

4. Goodbye Mined Diamonds, Hello Lab-Grown

More consumers are prioritizing sustainability in fashion and jewelry and lab-grown diamonds have steadily grown in popularity. More shoppers are expected to choose lab-grown over mined diamonds in 2024.

Diamond mining has long contributed to the depletion and destruction of natural resources and unethical labor practices. Lab-grown diamonds provide an ethical alternative, as lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds.

What to Buy:

Not all lab-grown diamonds are grown sustainably. VRAI created diamonds are the first Carbon Neutral Certified diamonds available. We offer a truly ethical alternative, ensuring both fair wage employment and a zero-emission supply chain.

Mens engagement rings

5. Unisex/Male Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are no longer reserved for women. Male engagement rings have become more common in the past decade. More women are proposing to men, and same-sex couples are choosing to wear engagement rings. In 2024, unisex engagement rings will continue to rise.

What to Buy:

All VRAI engagement rings are unisex designs, meant to be worn by all. Our engagement ring designs are available in sizes 3-11. We offer varying bandwidths and customizable details to suit anyone and any style.

two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package
two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

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Vintage-inspired engagement rings

6. Vintage-Inspired, Heirloom Designs

More shoppers are searching for the quality and creativity found in eras past. Vintage-inspired engagement rings have never been trendier. Heirloom diamond-forward designs, with antique and Art Deco detailing and historic diamond shapes, continue to trend in 2024.

What to Buy:

If you love the intricate floral detailing of centuries past, opt for floral engagement rings like The Signature Floral. Prioritize historic diamond shapes (Marquise, Pear, Oval, etc) and vintage diamond details like The Halo or The Curator. For Art Deco lovers, opt for an Emerald or Radiant cut diamond with Baguette side stones, like The Devotion.

Signature V Engagement Ring

7. Bigger and Bolder Details

In 2024, bigger and bolder may just be better. Shoppers aren’t afraid to take a risk with chunky or curved bands and color accents. You’ll see more engagement ring designs that incorporate texture or showstopping details.

What to Buy:

The Classic Rope features a stunning textured band while The Floating Split Band offers a distinct band design. Curved bands like The Signature V or The Twisted Classic are impossible to ignore, while a Two Tone engagement ring creates an eye-catching contrast.

the double band solitaire engagement ring princess plain platinum still life

8. Multiple Stones and Multiple Bands

Engagement rings with multiple diamonds and/or multiple bands are becoming increasingly popular in 2024. More engagement ring designs showcase mixed diamond shapes and double bands. The Three Stone engagement ring is set to be one of the most sought-after multi-diamond engagement rings in 2024.

What to Buy:

The Mixed Shape is a modern mixed diamond design, while The Five Stone Heirloom and The Graduated Band provide a vintage-inspired alternative. The Three Stone engagement ring is always popular but The Trellis Three Stone offers a contemporary twist. Consider the graceful Duet or the symmetrical Double Band for multi-band designs.

Trellis Cathedral Engagement Ring

9. Subtle Yet Intricate Embellishments

While bold details are trending in 2024, so are intricate yet understated embellishments. Expect to see more engagement ring designs with expertly crafted hidden touches. Different prong types (Trellis, Petal, etc.), updated Hidden Halo settings, or Cathedral settings that appear unassuming face down, are all trending.

What to Buy:

For subtle detailing only noticeable from the side, consider The Trellis Cathedral or The Veiled Halo. The Aurora Halo features delicate petal-shaped pavé set diamonds while The V and The Classic Petal showcase unique prong shapes.

Custom engagement rings, lab-grown diamonds

10. Custom Design Rings

With custom rings trending more than ever, more shoppers will work with jewelers to create custom-designed rings in 2024. Retailers like VRAI make it possible to customize all engagement ring settings. But shoppers are also opting to get creative and create a truly unique engagement ring that doesn’t already exist.

What to Buy:

Create a custom-designed engagement ring with the help of a VRAI diamond expert. Our diamond experts will walk you through our white glove service to make your dream engagement ring design come to life.

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring Style for You

Navigating the latest trends and tips can make it harder to narrow down the best engagement ring style for you. Ultimately, the engagement ring you choose should be one that you love to wear - not just what other people consider trendy.

To select the best engagement ring for you, consider the following:

  • Favorite Style

Your engagement ring should match your unique style. If you have vintage tastes, a vintage-inspired ring will suit you better than a sleek, modern design. If you love a simple, minimalist look, then a classic, paired-down ring will be better than bold detailing.

  • Lifestyle

While all engagement rings should be made from premium, durable materials, certain settings, and metals are more durable than others. If you work with your hands or you’re accident-prone, consider your lifestyle when choosing your setting, metal, and carat weight.

  • Preferred Diamond Shape & Carat Weight

Your ideal center diamond and size will influence the setting you choose. Some settings enhance the size, shape, or security of your diamond.

  • Budget

We always recommend prioritizing the engagement ring you love, but we never recommend going into debt for it. Engagement rings are available at a wide range of prices. Certain details, diamond shapes, and ring settings will lower or raise the total cost of your ring.

Shop Trending Engagement Rings With VRAI Created Diamonds

All VRAI engagement ring settings are innovative, contemporary twists on classic designs. Our expertly crafted engagement rings feature the highest quality lab-grown diamonds, made to last. At VRAI, you’ll find timeless takes on trending styles for engagement rings that stand the test of time - just like your love.

virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer
virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

Consult with a diamond expert

Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy personalized guidance to select your ring, in-depth diamond 4C education, exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons, custom design options.

Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy personalized guidance to select your ring, in-depth diamond 4C education, exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons, custom design options.