1 Carat Round Diamond Rings: The 12 Best Ring Settings

Alicia Briggs | March 21, 2023

Alicia Briggs | March 21, 2023

Few can deny a 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. With unmatched brilliance and versatility, 1 carat Round diamond rings are a timeless and popular choice. Discover below why this diamond shape and carat weight may suit you best, as well as the top engagement ring settings featuring VRAI created diamonds for each style.

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Why Are Round Diamond Rings So Popular?

75% of all engagement rings in America are Round diamond rings. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape globally and the most popular choice for an engagement ring.

Thanks to their diamond cut, Round Brilliant cut diamonds shine brighter than any other diamond shape. They can reflect almost 100% of light, which makes them an enticing choice for an engagement ring.

Another reason that Round cut diamond engagement rings are so popular is because this classic shape looks beautiful in any setting. It’s one of the most versatile diamond shapes, suitable for any style.

What Does a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Say About You?

Choosing a Round diamond ring signals that you have a classic style. You’re someone that isn’t swayed by trends and fads, with a timeless taste that will always be in vogue.

Is A 1 Carat Round Diamond A Good Size For An Engagement Ring?

The majority of engagement rings are between 1-2 carats, so a Round 1 carat diamond engagement ring is a wonderful size.

How Big Is A 1 Carat Round Diamond?

Round Brilliant cut diamonds look truest to their diamond size. While Round Brilliant cut diamonds are known for their brilliance, they can appear duller and smaller than they are if they have a poor quality cut. Prioritize a higher cut grade to ensure maximum beauty.

How big a 1 carat Round diamond looks ultimately depends on the diamond’s measurements and cut. You can view each Round diamond’s measurements online, in our diamond table.

Will A 1 Carat Round Brilliant Diamond Ring Look Small?

While 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond rings won’t look small, certain settings will affect how big your ring looks.

One way to maximize the size of your Round Brilliant diamond ring is to choose an engagement ring settingthat does just that. Halo and Bezel settings, as well as diamond forward designs, will always make your diamond ring look bigger.

You can view how each 1 carat Round diamond ring on your finger will look when you select a ring setting. The ring will then be displayed on a sample size 6 hand.

1 Carat Round Diamond Vs 2 Carat Round Diamond Ring

Deciding between a 1 carat Round diamond ring and a 2 carat Round diamond ring can feel like a tricky decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Which carat weight is better for your engagement ring comes down to your preference, your budget, and your lifestyle.

A 2 carat diamond will be bigger and more brilliant than a 1 carat diamond. Just how much so depends on the diamond grade and the ring setting. A 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond ring will cost more, however, so if budget is of concern, a 1 carat Round diamond ring could be better.

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle and preferences. Lower carat weights can be easier to take care of and harder to damage, as they are smaller diamonds. If you live an active lifestyle, work with your hands, or prefer a more subtle ring, a 1 carat diamond may be best for you. If you like to make a statement and think “the bigger, the better,” you’ll love a 2 carat diamond.

How Much Does A 1 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

VRAI 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring prices range between $2,000-$5,000, at the time of publication. The price of a Round Brilliant cut engagement ring depends on the diamond, setting, band, and metal color you choose.

Do Round Cut Diamonds Cost More Than Other Diamond Shapes?

Round Brilliant cut diamonds typically cost more than any other diamond shape of the same quality and carat weight. Round diamonds require more rough diamond to be cut away, due to their shape and brilliant cut. They’re also the most popular shape, which makes them rare yet in demand. For both of these reasons, Round diamonds cost more.

Other 1 carat rings to consider include 1 carat oval cut rings, 1 carat pear cut rings and 1 carat emerald cut rings.

Can You Buy A 1 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond for Less?

There are several ways to buy a high-quality 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond for less. VRAI created Round Brilliant cut diamonds have the most competitive diamond prices, better than mined or other lab-grown diamonds.

We produce our lab-grown diamonds using renewable energy, in our own zero-emission foundry. Since we’re there for the entire journey of the diamond, with no middlemen, we can provide a large range of prices to suit different budgets.

Since Round diamonds hide inclusions well, you can also opt for a slightly lower color and clarity grade to lessen the total cost. You can also buy a diamond just shy of 1 carat to help lower the price without sacrificing noticeable size or beauty.

What Setting Makes A 1 Carat Round Diamond Look Biggest?

Certain settings maximize the size of your Round Brilliant cut diamond. A Bezel setting, which securely surrounds the diamond, makes your ring look bigger, and adds a modern look.

A 1 carat Halo engagement ring is a very popular setting for this diamond shape. Thanks to a halo of melee diamonds, this setting makes your Round diamond appear larger and adds brilliance.

What Are The Best Settings For A 1 Carat Round Diamond Ring?

The best setting for your 1 carat Round Brilliant cut engagement ring is the setting you love the most. With this diamond shape, any setting you choose will result in a beautiful and secure 1 carat Round diamond ring.

That being said, there are certain settings that are consistently chosen for this shape. The most popular setting for a Round Brilliant cut diamond is a timeless and versatile Solitaire setting.

The Classic, 6-prong, Signature Solitaire, Cathedral, and Knife-Edge settings pair beautifully with Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

12 Best Round Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Below you’ll find some of the most sought-after engagement ring settings for a 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond. No matter your style or taste, one of these settings is sure to inspire your engagement ring selection.

Classic Round Diamond Ring Settings

For classic tastes, a 1 carat Round Solitaire diamond ring is a must. Consider one of our many Solitaire settings and pair it with a yellow gold or white gold band for a timelessly elegant design.

1. The Signature Solitaire
2. White Gold Settings
3. The Cathedral

Unique Settings for Round Brilliant Diamonds

For those who gravitate towards a unique and bold style and prefer this diamond shape, consider Round engagement rings with side stones or less traditional settings. Opt for a diamond forward design or a less common metal color like rose gold.

4. The Three Stone
5. The Toi et Moi
6. Rose Gold Settings

Modern Round Diamond Ring Settings

If you love all things sleek and contemporary, choose a setting that highlights clean lines or has an updated twist on a classic setting. A platinum band gives your engagement ring a lustrous and modern appearance, as will a white gold band.

7. The Signature Bezel
8. The Five Stone Heirloom
9. The Hover

Vintage Settings for Round Brilliant Diamonds

Certain settings will give your engagement ring a vintage-inspired appearance, such as a 1 carat Round Halo engagement ring. Diamond forward or Art deco settings will add a romantic or heirloom feel to your ring, as will a or rose gold band.

10. The Curator
11. The Duet
12. Yellow Gold Settings

How To Choose The Best 1 Carat Round Diamond For An Engagement Ring

The most important thing to prioritize when choosing a 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond for an engagement ring is cut. To ensure your ring has its coveted brilliance, a high cut grade is essential. Choose an excellent cut and above for this diamond shape.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you select the best Round cut diamond for your engagement ring when you book an appointment.

Why Should You Choose A Lab-Grown Round Diamond Ring?

Choosing a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring is the best way to honor your love and your values. Unlike mined diamonds, VRAI created diamonds are sustainably made with no human or environmental toll.

Our beautiful engagement rings come with a lifetime care package and warranty, so you can trust that your VRAI created Round Brilliant cut diamond will immortalize your love for a lifetime.

How to Buy A 1 Carat Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

Book an appointment with our Diamond Experts to buy a VRAI created 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. You’ll also receive a $100 credit toward your ring and personalized guidance every step of the way.

If you prefer to purchase your engagement ring without assistance, you can easily buy an engagement ring on our website.

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