Simple Engagement Rings Guide: How to Choose the Best Minimalist Settings & Styles

Alicia Briggs | October 13, 2023

When you and your partner decide to buy an engagement ring, it’s important to follow your heart, not trends. While some express their love through big and bold engagement ring styles, others prefer the understated elegance of a simple engagement ring.

With minimal gold and thoughtfully chosen details, simple engagement ring settings with lab-grown diamonds can be both low-key, and impactful. Use this guide to choose a simple, minimalist engagement ring that stands the test of time.

What Is a Simple Engagement Ring?

A simple engagement ring is often a Solitaire engagement ring with a plain band and minimal embellishments. Simple engagement rings rarely have more than one diamond, or diamond detailing, like a pavé band.

Minimalist rings don’t have to have a straight band, as the band can be contoured or curved, but they typically have a single band.

Popular Simple Engagement Ring Styles

Simple engagement rings are often best-sellers. Some of the most popular engagement ring settings that embody minimalist engagement rings are The Classic, The Signature, The Knife-Edge, and The 6-Prong. These looks are chosen time and time again for their effortless elegance and enduring sophistication.

Other popular minimalist engagement ring styles that stand apart include The Bezel, The Signature East-West, and The Cathedral.

Simple Gold Engagement Rings

Simple white gold engagement rings, or yellow gold, are the most popular metal choices. These two gold colors are classic and traditional. They will beautifully highlight your center diamond.

Choose white gold if you have cooler skin tones, prefer a modern look, or if your diamond has a higher color grade. Yellow gold is best for warmer skin tones, creating a more classic or vintage-inspired look, or for diamonds with lower color grades.

Simple Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire settings are by far the most popular engagement ring setting. All Solitaire settings feature a band and a single center diamond, but they can range in style and design. A Solitaire setting ensures a minimalist and timeless ring.

Simple Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is another popular choice for a sleek yet lustrous simple engagement ring. Pair a platinum band with a linear diamond shape to create a thoroughly modern and minimalist design.

Simple Engagement Rings With Unique Bands

Simple engagement rings can have unique band designs that are distinct, yet still subtle. The Signature V has a sweeping yet timeless v-shaped band while the plain Curator features a wider, rounder band. The Floating Solitaire and The Hidden Halo are great examples of diamond detailing that still looks subtle.

Other understated yet distinguished settings may feature a plain straight band with the diamond uniquely set, like The Hover, or with distinct prongs, like The Classic Petal.

Simple Engagement Rings With Unique Diamond Shapes

A classic Round Brilliant cut diamond is perfect for a simple engagement ring, but you can choose different diamond shapes to add your personal flair to a classic setting.

Linear diamond shapes like an Emerald, Princess, or Radiant cut diamond will add a captivating, and modern appearance to your ring. Fancy-shaped diamonds, like Oval, Pear, or Marquise, will bring an heirloom look to any setting.

Simple Engagement Rings Pros and Cons

If you’re trying to decide if a simple engagement ring is right for you, consider the following pros and cons.


  • Timeless Design. Simple engagement rings are the definition of classic, and will always be in style.
  • Suitable for Active Lifestyles. A secure prong or bezel setting with a plain band is easier to wear to anything, anywhere, without worry.
  • Less Expensive. With fewer details, simple engagement rings cost less than most ring settings.
  • Versatile. A minimalist design can be worn with anything and suits every style.
  • Spotlights Center Diamond. “Simple styles allow you to take subtle up a notch - turning minimalist into the max!” says Jen Kripas, VRAI’s Chicago Showroom Manager. “This allows your center diamond to be the star of the show.”


  • Fewer Options. There aren’t as many different styles of engagement rings to choose from for simple settings.
  • Less Unique. Creativity can be limited when designing a simple engagement ring, as these designs feature fewer details.

Why You Should Get a Simple Engagement Ring

If you have classic tastes and prefer timeless, understated jewelry, then a simple engagement ring may be perfect for you. As with any engagement ring, you should only choose yours because you find it beautiful, and you’ll want to wear it for a lifetime. Many opt for simple, low-key rings because of their timeless elegance.

“Classics will never go out of style. Simple designs focus on beautifully displaying your VRAI created diamond, and allow for an endless possibility of wedding band combinations,” says Camilla Vendrame, VRAI’s West Coast Regional Manager and Melrose Showroom Manager.

Other reasons to choose a simple engagement ring are more pragmatic. Depending on the style, most simple settings are less expensive. A plain solitaire setting will allow you to spend more on a larger or higher-quality center diamond if you’re on a budget.

What to Consider When Choosing a Simple Engagement Ring

Before buying an engagement ring, consider the following:

Diamond Shape

The diamond is the star of the show for simple engagement rings. The diamond shape you choose will greatly influence the style of your ring. Select the shape that is best suited to your tastes.

Diamond 4Cs

Simple engagement rings will spotlight the center diamond, so the most important detail in a simple engagement ring is the diamond quality. Be sure to prioritize the diamond 4Cs to ensure a high-quality diamond with optimal brilliance and beauty.

Choose the highest quality cut, color, or clarity for your particular diamond shape and setting. If you prefer more shine, move up in carat weight. Our VRAI diamond experts can help you choose the best diamond grade for your engagement ring.

Metal Preference

The metal choice is another key component of a minimalist ring. Platinum, white, or yellow gold are all excellent choices, but they all create different looks.

Consider your skin tone, and style, when choosing your metal preference, as well as the diamond color grade. If your center diamond has a lower color grade, a white gold or platinum gold setting may add a yellowish tint to your center diamond.

Solid gold bands are slightly more affordable than platinum bands, so consider your budget as well.


When choosing an engagement ring setting, determine the overall style you’d like your ring to have. While simple settings are versatile, some are still better suited to different styles, such as modern or vintage-inspired.

Simple Engagement Ring FAQs

Read on for more information on simple engagement rings.

What Is the Most Simple Engagement Ring?

Classic Solitaire engagement rings with a plain solid gold band are the definition of simple. They are the most popular engagement ring style.

Can I Update My Simple Engagement Ring Later On?

Adding embellishments like a pavé setting or side stones to your engagement ring isn’t possible (without changing settings), but diamond upgrades are possible.

VRAI is proud to provide diamond upgrades to customers. A diamond of 1/2 ct and above can be returned for credit equivalent to the original purchase price. Use the credit for any diamond purchase at least 50% greater in value. This is an ideal upgrade for special anniversaries or for renewing vows.

What Are Unique Simple Engagement Ring Styles?

Simple doesn’t mean boring. Many simple but unique engagement rings feature one or two distinct details that stand out. A Hidden Halo, a Two-Tone prong setting, or a sleek countered band are a few examples of unique simple engagement rings.

Should an Engagement Ring Be Simple?

Engagement rings certainly can be simple, but it’s up to you whether or not your engagement ring should be simple.

Are Simple Engagement Rings Less Expensive?

Simple engagement rings are often less expensive because they have fewer details than bolder settings. However, the diamond shape, quality, and carat weight you choose can influence the total cost of your engagement ring more than the setting.

What Wedding Band Pairs Best With a Simple Engagement Ring?

Simple engagement rings are easy to pair with almost any wedding band. You can complement understated elegance with a matching wedding band, or go for a bolder wedding band to enhance the brilliance of your center diamond.

Are Simple Engagement Rings Better?

Simple engagement rings are not necessarily better or worse than other engagement ring styles. The best engagement ring style depends on you and your preferences.

All VRAI created engagement ring settings, no matter the style, are timeless designs that are meant to be worn forever.

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