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Unique engagement rings

Find your unique engagement rings with VRAI created diamonds. Shop unique styles or design your own custom ring.


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Learn About the Diamond 4cs

Understanding the 4Cs — cut, color, clarity, and carat — helps you find the diamond that is right for you.

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Find your ring size by downloading a free printable guide or order a free ring sizer.

Cut your own VRAI created diamond

Experience the craftsmanship of bespoke diamond creation with our Cut for You™ program.

Unique engagement ring FAQ

A unique engagement ring is a ring that deviates from traditional engagement rings. Traditional engagement rings typically feature a solitaire diamond and single band, with a classic diamond shape, like a Round Brilliant cut, and a traditional metal color.

Unique engagement rings will have details that stand apart from classic designs. This may look like rings that have multiple diamonds, less common diamond shapes, curved or intricate bands, or distinct colors.

Some of VRAI’s most popular non-traditional engagement ring settings include dazzling diamond-forward designs such as The Three Stone or The Toi et Moi. Designs that feature multiple bands or distinct detailing, such as The Signature V, The Duet, The Rope, or The Twisted Classic, will add a modern and unique twist to any ring.

VRAI’s collection of floral ring settings, with exquisite nature-inspired detailing, as well as our bespoke Cut for You™diamond shapes will also create a breathtaking and innovative engagement ring that’s sure to stand apart.

All VRAI engagement ring settings, both non-traditional and traditional, are timeless designs that can be worn forever.

Unique engagement rings do not necessarily cost more than traditional engagement rings, but they can. Unique engagement rings often feature intricate or additional details such as pavé set diamonds, side stones, or multiple bands. This can increase the total cost of your engagement ring.

However, unique engagement rings also tend to feature less common diamond shapes or metal colors. Those details will cost less than a classic Round Brilliant cut diamond or platinum band.

At VRAI, you can easily create a unique engagement ring that aligns with your budget and your preferences.

Designing a custom engagement ring is a fantastic way to create the unique engagement ring of your dreams. All VRAI engagement rings are made-to-order. You get to select every detail of your engagement ring including the perfect lab-grown diamond, ring setting, metal color, band details, and ring size.

At VRAI, you can go one step further with our Custom Designed Engagement Rings. Our white-glove process makes it possible to create a truly bespoke engagement ring with the help of our diamond experts and master craftsman. They will work with you from start to finish to turn your unique vision into a real, one-of-a-kind engagement ring that beautifully reflects your true essence.

Few things make an engagement ring stand out more than a captivating diamond shape that’s unique to you. Let your center diamond reflect your exceptional brilliance with a Cut for You™ VRAI created diamond. First, choose from 30 scintillating VRAI created diamond shapes, including our exclusive in-house cuts. Then, our master diamond cutters will meticulously cut your lab-grown diamond to exacting proportions according to your specific preferences. The result? A one-of-a-kind VRAI created diamond that wholly represents you, your love, and your values.

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