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Emerald cut engagement rings

Elegantly linear, the emerald cut is a testament to exacting precision.


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Discover Emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Explore styles featuring Emerald cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

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Frequently asked questions about emerald cut engagement rings

Those who choose an Emerald cut engagement ring love its historic appeal, clean lines, and timeless beauty. They likely have more classic taste, but want something slightly different than a traditional Round. These individuals often want a look that exudes both strength and elegance.

There are only a few Emerald cut wedding ring options. A Five Stone Band with Emeralds or a Tetrad Ring with Emeralds are the best options for incorporating this diamond shape into your wedding ring set. All other diamond-accented wedding rings feature Round or Baguette shaped diamonds instead. Baguettes feature the same step cut facets as an Emerald cut ring but in a slimmer, more elongated form.

The most important way to pair your Emerald shaped engagement ring with a wedding band is to try the two on together to ensure a comfortable fit. A diamond expert can assist you in finding a match depending on your style of ring.

Depending on the setting, many wedding bands like a Flat or Round Band, or diamond-accented Infinity, Devotion, and petite Eternity Bands will pair nicely. Depending on the carat weight and size of your Oval, you may need a style that pairs flush with your engagement ring. Certain styles, like a Curator Band, might brush against the elongated diamond’s edges.

Emerald cut engagement rings have always attracted attention due to the diamond shape’s clean edges and mesmerizing “hall-of-mirrors” effect. But recently, with many celebrities choosing this shape for themselves, Emerald diamond rings are more popular than ever before. The stars who choose this shape seem to love its elongated form that maximizes carat weight and creates a substantial look and feel.

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