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A seamless row of VRAI created diamonds shine in our take on a classic design.

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Frequently asked questions

Tennis jewelry gets its name from a tennis bracelet worn by professional tennis player Chris Evert, who often wore diamonds to each match. The bracelet, at the time called a line bracelet, flew off her wrist during the 1987 US Open tournament, causing her to stop the match to find it. This design has been called a tennis bracelet since, as have necklaces and other fine jewelry of the same style.

By selecting tennis jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds as well as recycled solid gold, your personal style is a reflection of your true love and true values. The sustainably created diamonds featured in your fine jewelry are free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy their beauty, guilt-free.

Of course! While tennis necklaces are often associated with special occasions and red-carpet events, more are choosing to incorporate them into their daily wear. Consider layering your tennis necklace with an Arc Necklace or Inner Spirit Medallion, and then pairing with more casual clothing. The overall look is effortlessly elegant for your everyday.

Yes, layering tennis bracelets with other styles is a simple way to add elegance to your daily look. Consider pairing with a Bezel Solitaire Bracelet or Petite Solitaire Bracelet for a brilliant and versatile bracelet stack.