Guide To Stacking Rings

VRAI | June 7, 2022

VRAI | June 7, 2022

One of the season’s most coveted looks is an array of stacked rings. Whether the stack is created from a wedding ring set or fashion rings is up to each individual. But the combinations are endless for those who love this stunning, layered look.

But certain designs featuring VRAI created diamonds stack better than others. And specific combinations are more ideal, particularly when it comes to pairing an engagement ring setting with a wedding band or other fine jewelry.

In this guide to stacking rings, discover how to mix and match your favorite lab-grown diamond designs for a fashion-forward look that is uniquely yours.

What Does It Mean To Stack Rings?

Stacking rings usually means wearing two or three rings together on one finger. Most already consider doing this when buying an engagement ring — meaning they’ll oftentimes select a design that will pair flush with their wedding ring. One of the latest trends has been to add to the engagement and wedding ring stack with one more ring, usually an anniversary gift or gift for becoming new parents.

Many are now opting to stack rings outside of a marriage context. The layered effect of multiple gold bands and rows of diamonds creates a substantial overall look that is undeniably alluring.

How Do You Stack Rings?

Different styles of rings may or may not layer together. A classic solitaire engagement ring will likely pair flush with a traditional round wedding band. But other styles might feature a specific band detail or diamonds that would scratch against one another or feel uncomfortable worn together. So it’s important to take a few rules into consideration before creating your perfect stack.

Stacked Engagement Rings

As always, when selecting an engagement ring, consider both the setting and the diamond. When buying a diamond, think about how the shape will work in tandem with your stack. A Round Brilliant, Cushion, or Asscher won’t likely get in the way of a wedding ring. But with elongated shapes, particularly a Marquise or Pear, the points of the diamond might not line up perfectly with certain styles.

The different edges and curves of certain settings must also be taken into account. A Curator engagement ring and wedding band both feature a dome-like shape that doesn’t necessarily align with other styles, but are perfect when paired together.

The dip of a Duet engagement ring also keeps it from lining up with certain styles, but the Chevron Band matches it perfectly. Take these details into consideration when selecting a pair.

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The Round Brilliant Classic
The Marquise Three Stone
The Cushion Duet

Stacked Wedding Rings

Beyond stacking a wedding ring and engagement ring together, some are opting to stack wedding rings together for a more substantial look. Whether it means adding on rings for special anniversaries or simply choosing a design to complete an existing set, there are multiple varieties to choose from.

The most important things to consider when stacking wedding rings are width and the outer edges of the band. A Flat or Round band, or even diamond-accented rings like the Mixed Shapes or Devotion band, have a solid gold or platinum edge that should align with another ring quite easily.

Eternity Bands, particularly medium or large bands, feature an array of Round Brilliant diamonds that might rub up against or even scratch other rings in the stack. A petite Eternity Band is better for completing a stack.

One of the best ways to stack wedding rings is to consult with a diamond expert for personalized advice.

The Flat
The Alternating Shapes Band
The Eternity Band

Stacked Fashion Rings

When it comes to creating a stack of rings for everyday style, the best rule is to experiment. Start with a metal color or combination of colors that you would like to wear. Then select two to three rings with various band widths that will stack easily together.

Don’t forget to take the band design and diamonds into account. Certain edges, widths, and diamond shapes will match up easier than others.

Bypass or mixed cuff rings are often ideal for any stack. The open ends of a mixed cuff ring in particular usually fit nicely around a solitaire diamond ring or line up with a band.

Mixed Cuff Ring
Bezel Ring
Petal Ring

How Do You Stack Rings With Engagement Rings?

Creating the perfect stack when buying an engagement ring can largely depend on what diamond shape you select. A traditional Round Brilliant, a linear Emerald, or a fancy shape like Pear can impact your decision when selecting a wedding band or other rings to layer on. Read on for the best style advice when it comes to your engagement ring stack.

Round Brilliant Engagement Ring Stacks

A Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape in the world. It is sought for its maximized brilliance and timeless appeal. When pairing with other rings for a stack, Eternity, Infinity, Devotion, and Half Pavé bands are perhaps the best choice. This is because these styles showcase Round Brilliant diamonds or rounded melee diamonds.

Traditional metal bands, like platinum or solid gold Round or Flat bands, can also be added on for layering. And to compliment the stack, an open-cuff design such as the Petal Ring or Mixed Cuff Ring are ideal.

The Infinity Band
The Round Brilliant Signature
Mixed Cuff Ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Stacks

Pear shaped diamonds are classified as a “fancy shape,” a term often used for shapes other than Round Brilliants. But the Pear and Marquise in particular can pose a unique challenge when it comes to creating an engagement ring stack. Both are elongated shapes with points that can bump up against or scratch an additional ring.

When it comes to a traditional Pear solitaire engagement ring, it’s important to choose bands that will pair flush when building your stack. Round, Flat, or Infinity bands are usually slim enough to line up with the ring with ease. A thicker band, such as a Curator band, or even a medium or large Eternity band, might not sit comfortably together on the finger.

An open-cuff design can often fit nicely around the pointed edge of a Pear or Marquise shaped diamond. But the slight dip of the Chevron band or dramatic plunge of a Signature V band are ideal and a popular choice for stacking with these diamond shapes.

The Chevron Band
The Pear Signature V
The Signature V Band

Emerald Engagement Ring Stacks

When it comes to creating a stack with an Emerald engagement ring, many want additional rings that will highlight the diamond’s clean lines and geometric form. Choosing bands featuring a Baguette shaped diamond, for example, are the perfect way to do so.

Baguette Infinity, Devotion, and Brushed Baguette bands highlight a linear Baguette-shaped diamond that will work in tandem with Emerald, Princess, Asscher, or Radiant shaped diamonds. These squared and rectangular shapes pair well together. But there is no rule against wearing a baguette wedding band with other diamond shapes.

For certain styles of engagement rings, like a Hover or Signature V, it’s important to find a band that will pair flush with the ring and not bump against the edges of the diamond. Speak with a diamond expert for more personalized advice on these designs.

The Baguette Infinity Band
The Emerald Hover
The Devotion Bad

What Are the Best Styles Of Stacking Rings?

The best stacking rings are the ones that match your own personal style. Whether your look is timeless and elegant, playful and dramatic, or modern and sleek, there is a stack that’s right for you.

Platinum Stacking Rings

Platinum is renowned for its luster, purity, and durability. Platinum stacking rings should be the ultimate expression of refinement. Select diamond-accented bands to create a show-stopping stack.

The Round
The Radiant Cathedral
The Alternating Shapes Band

Rose Gold Stacking Rings

Rose gold is regal, romantic, and vintage-inspired. For a whimsical and flirtatious look, create a rose gold stack with a variety of styles that are heirlooms in the making.

The Infinity Band
The Oval Halo
The Chevron Band

Yellow Gold Stacking Rings

Yellow gold is sought after for its timeless appeal. Yellow gold stacking rings can add just the right amount of sophistication to an individual’s classic style. Choose a mixture of diamond and solid gold bands for the perfect layered look.

The Half Pavé Band
Perennial Ring
The Flat

White Gold Stacking Rings

White gold is clean and bright and pairs wonderfully with modern-yet-timeless designs. For a future-forward look, create a white gold stack that highlights the edges and lines of contemporary ring settings.

Mixed Cuff Ring
The Trillion Devotion
The Round

Speak with our diamond experts

The best way to create your very own stack of rings is to consult with a diamond expert. They’ll give you personalized advice on which rings pair best together for both style and comfort. You’ll also receive in-depth diamond education, so you can build a stack featuring the VRAI created lab-grown diamonds meant just for you.

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