How to Wear a Pear Shaped Ring: A Complete Styling Guide

Alicia Briggs | June 16, 2023

Alicia Briggs | June 16, 2023

A Pear cut diamond engagement ring is an elegant, unique diamond shape that is chosen time and again. However, due to its distinct teardrop shape, there’s often confusion on how to wear a Pear shaped ring. Read on to discover which way to wear a Pear shaped ring and how to style it.

For personalized guidance on how to choose a Pear cut VRAI created diamond ring, book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert.

What Are Pear Shaped Rings?

A Pear shaped ring is any ring that features a Pear cut diamond. This is typically an engagement ring, but can also be a Pear wedding ring or fashion ring. Pear shaped rings are often referred to as teardrop rings, due to their teardrop shape. Pear cut engagement rings are somewhat nontraditional and have a vintage-inspired and whimsical look.

What Does a Pear Shaped Ring Symbolize?

Pear shaped rings symbolize tears of joy. Pear engagement rings signal that you’re a romantic who loves to stand out with an appreciation for vintage-inspired style.

Are Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Popular?

Pear shaped engagement rings are popular due to their elongated, elegant, and unique shape. They are less popular than the classic Round Brilliant cut diamond but Pear cut diamond rings are consistently sought after. They are beloved by those who appreciate their brilliant, distinct appearance and heirloom feel.

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Ring

There are many ways to wear a Pear shaped ring. Pear cut diamonds have an asymmetrical shape with a pointed tip on one end and a curved edge on the other. Due to this, many wonder which side should face up or down. Ultimately, you should wear your Pear shaped diamond ring in the direction that is most comfortable and beautiful to you.

What Is the Correct Way to Wear a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring?

There is no correct way to wear a Pear shaped diamond ring. Traditionally, Pear shaped diamond rings are worn with the pointed tip facing up, away from the hand. However, you can wear this versatile diamond shape whichever way you want.

Do You Wear a Pear Shaped Ring Up or Down?

You can wear a Pear shaped ring up or down. You may prefer wearing the ring vertically, with the tip pointing up if you have more traditional tastes. For those who prefer a unique look, consider wearing your ring with the peak pointing down, toward your heart.

Can You Wear a Pear Ring Either Way?

Yes, you can wear a Pear ring either way - up, down, and even horizontally. Certain ring settings will influence which way you wear a Pear ring. Most Solitaire settings are meant to be worn with the Pear cut diamond ring facing up. Others, like The Signature V, have the peak pointing down. However, all of these settings can easily be worn both ways and still look beautiful.

Certain ring settings, like The Signature East-West, set the Pear diamond horizontally. Wearing a Pear shaped ring horizontally is best suited for those who prefer a modern or nontraditional engagement ring.

The Signature V
The Knife Edge
The Signature East-West

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

How to wear a Pear shaped engagement ring will depend on the engagement ring setting and your style. Consider the tips below when deciding how to wear and style your Pear engagement ring.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Before buying a Pear shaped engagement ring, try on different sizes of Pear cut diamonds and different settings. This will help you decide what looks and feels the best for you. The engagement ring you choose should suit your style and be comfortable to wear in your daily life.

“If you’re worried about the diamond getting caught on clothing or hair, consider a slightly smaller Pear cut diamond or a lower setting such as The Signature,” advises VRAI Diamond Expert Queena Chang. If you live an active lifestyle or work with your hands, you may feel more comfortable wearing a 1-carat Pear shaped ring or below. If you love a diamond forward design that demands attention when you wear it, consider a 2-carat Pear diamond ring or above.

What Are the Best Settings for a Pear Engagement Ring?

The best engagement ring setting for a Pear engagement ring comes down to personal preference, but it should protect the diamond’s tip. “My only must for a Pear engagement ring is ensuring that there is always a prong at the fragile tip of the diamond. This will help protect it from chipping or breaking,” says Chang.

All VRAI engagement ring settings are designed to protect and highlight each lab-grown diamond shape. However, Solitaire, Bezel, or Halo settings will beautifully and securely showcase a Pear cut diamond. The Halo and The Signature are particularly sought-after. These are our best-selling engagement ring settings for a Pear cut diamond.

The Halo
The Signature
The Bezel

How Do You Stack Pear Shaped Rings?

How to stack a Pear shaped ring depends on the setting and the ring you’re stacking. The delicate point is the most important thing to consider when stacking a Pear shaped ring. Stack rings that will pair flush with your Pear engagement ring. These designs won’t rub against the tip of the diamond, possibly chipping or breaking it.

If you want to stack a Pear ring with a fashion ring, an open-cuff design, like a Mixed Cuff Ring, will work well. This design frames the tip of the Pear. If you’re stacking a wedding ring with a Pear cut diamond ring, consider a curved wedding band like The Signature V. Curved bands will leave space for the Pear’s pointed edge, making them a popular choice for wedding ring stacks.

Our VRAI diamond experts can help you create a ring stack perfect for your Pear shaped ring when you book an appointment.

Petal Ring
The Classic
The Signature V Band

How Do You Wear a Pear Shaped Ring With Wedding Band?

Traditionally, most place their wedding ring on first and then the Pear engagement ring after. The wedding band is worn closest to your heart because it represents your commitment to each other. But, you can choose to wear your Pear shaped ring and wedding band however you’d like.

If you want to wear both rings together, speak with our VRAI diamond experts. They will assist you in creating a wedding ring set that can be worn together securely and beautifully.

What Bands Go With Pear Shaped Rings?

Certain wedding bands will work best with specific Pear ring settings. Pair a Pear shaped engagement ring with a wedding band design that pairs flush or leaves space for the pointed tip. Your wedding ring should also have a similar aesthetic to your Pear shaped ring for a cohesive look. This might mean choosing the same metal color or matching ring styles.

The Signature V and The Curator are matching ring sets that stun with a Pear diamond, as does The Duet and The Chevron Band. For more traditional tastes and ring settings, consider The Round, The Flat, The Infinity, or The Devotion Band.

For personalized guidance in selecting a wedding band for your Pear shaped ring, speak with our VRAI diamond experts.

The Chevron Band
The Duet
The Curator Band

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How to Wear a Pear Shaped Wedding Ring

A Pear shaped wedding ring is less common than a Pear shaped engagement ring. If you want to wear a Pear shaped wedding ring, consider The Pear Five Stone Band. “I love that the Pear Five Stone Ring is set on a bias. That gentle lean creates a lot of visual intrigue,” explains Chang.

However, our diamond experts don’t advise pairing a Pear shaped wedding ring with a Pear engagement ring. “I have found that this band is a fantastic standalone ring and does not pair very well with engagement rings. It can distract from the center diamond or the center diamond can hide the uniquely set pears,” explains Chang.

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