Pavé Set Diamonds: Top Styles That Shine Bright

Kimberly Zerkel | October 6, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | October 6, 2022

When you go to buy an engagement ring, it’s important to start by selecting your VRAI created diamond and style of ring. But all of the details that follow are what make your engagement ring uniquely yours. Choosing your favorite metal color as well as a pavé setting will transform your original design into the customized ring meant just for you.

But what is a pavé setting and is it right for you? Read on to discover how a little shine goes a long way in these lab-grown diamond styles you’re sure to love!

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What Are Pavé Set Diamonds?

Pavé set diamonds, or a pavé setting, comes from the French word for “paved.” This is because when small diamonds, called melee diamonds, are placed one after another in a pavé setting, they resemble paved or cobblestone streets.

Remember that pavé refers to the setting. The diamonds used in a pavé setting are called melee diamonds.

Favorite Pavé Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing a pavé engagement ring setting is a way of declaring your love for both your future betrothed and diamonds. While the decision is based entirely on personal taste, there are certain settings that are highlighted to perfection with the addition of extra diamonds. Which style will you choose?

Pavé Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are often best-sellers. These versatile styles spotlight your VRAI created lab-grown diamond perfectly. The addition of pavé set diamonds only further highlights the center stone, as well as showcases intricate details. Here are just a few pavé diamond solitaire engagement rings that are beloved.

The Tapered Classic
The Floating Split Band
The Signature V

Pavé Diamond Three Stone Engagement Rings

Those who choose a Three Stone engagement ring setting are not afraid to display their love of diamonds. So the addition of even more diamonds in a pavé setting is often welcome. Whether your Three Stone features a trio of the same or a combination of diamond shapes, a pavé setting will only increase their shine.

The Three Stone
The Three Stone
The Three Stone

Unique Pavé Diamond Rings

Certain unique or non-traditional pavé diamond engagement rings noticeably stand out from the crowd. A Toi et Moi engagement ring, for example, allures with its combination of two center stones. Other styles differentiate themselves in the details. A Duet engagement ring gives wearers the option of one or two pavé bands. The latest Hidden Halo design features pavé prongs for added shine.

The Toi Et Moi
The Duet
The Hidden Halo

Favorite Pavé Wedding Bands

For diamond lovers, a pavé wedding band is the best way to incorporate even more brilliance into their wedding ring set. Many styles, like the Chevron and Curator Band, exist in both plain and pavé. The Infinity Band, however, was designed to showcase pavé set diamonds in two different sizes.

The Curator Band
The Chevron Band
The Infinity Band

Favorite Pavé Jewelry Styles

Your love of pavé settings doesn’t have to stop at engagement rings and wedding bands. One of the most popular pavé jewelry styles includes pavé diamond earrings, such as Pavé Hoops. Stacking Half Pavé Bands or a pavé Signature V or Knife-Edge Band are also wonderful ways of adding in extra shimmer to your everyday look.

The Knife-Edge Band
Pavé Huggie Hoops
The Half Pavé Band

Select Pavé Set Diamond Jewelry With Our Diamond Experts

Ready to discover pavé engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry to call your own? Book an appointment with our diamond experts.They’ll offer you personalized guidance through our collections and help you decide if a pavé setting is right for you.


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