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Layering necklaces

Great stories are told in layers. Our distinct designs with VRAI created diamonds let you put together a combination that expresses yours.


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Your guide to layering necklaces

Frequently asked questions about layering necklaces

The best way to layer necklaces is to choose two to three necklaces of varying lengths. It’s also best to mix styles; for example, a great three-piece layered necklace would include a Tennis Necklace, an Arc Necklace, and a Solitaire Pendant worn at staggering lengths for a brilliant and decadent cascade.

How many necklaces you layer is entirely up to you. A standard layered look includes two or three necklaces worn together. This is usually to ensure that they lay at different lengths and don’t tangle.

Keeping your layering to two or three necklaces at once and adjusting the length will ensure that they don’t tangle. Some light tangling in the back around closures is normal. For those who want to guarantee that there’s no tangling, there are third-party necklace detanglers that link the necklaces together while keeping their chains separate.

Buying several necklaces in the same style is the best way to create a layered necklace set. For example, a Knife-Edge Bezel Necklace and Knife-Edge Bezel Station Necklace would pair well, as would a Solitaire Necklace and Solitaire Pendant. The most popular way to layer necklaces, however, is to mix styles for a more complex look.

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