How to Pair a Heart Shape Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band

Alicia Briggs | October 17, 2023

A Heart shaped engagement ring is a highly romantic and unique diamond ring. It can feel difficult to find a wedding band that perfectly highlights its beauty and distinct silhouette. We've created a guide on how to select and pair a wedding band with your Heart shaped engagement ring with VRAI created diamonds.

What Wedding Band Goes Best With a Heart Diamond Ring?

The best wedding band for a Heart shaped diamond ring will pair flush with its pointed tip and enhance the engagement ring style.

Heart diamonds have a similar sparkle to Round Brilliants. They look best with wedding bands that enhance that shine, like Round Eternity Bands. For an extra glamorous look, a Pavé Signature V Band will emphasize and securely frame the diamond's point, as will The Chevron Band.

Heart diamonds naturally have a romantic and vintage-inspired look, but they are quite versatile. Some of the most popular wedding band styles for Heart cut engagement rings are:

Vintage Inspired

Vintage-inspired designs, like The Pavé Dome, The Twisted Band, and The Curator, will enhance this historic diamond shape. Consider yellow gold or rose gold for a warmer look.

Heart diamonds also stun in Art Deco-inspired settings. To highlight the era’s modern and linear look, consider the contemporary Baguette Bar Band or The Alternating Shapes Band.

Simple & Classic

Heart cut diamonds make a statement on their own. A simple wedding band will create a subtle pairing that lets the Heart diamond’s unique silhouette take center stage. Choose plain solid gold or platinum bands and understated wedding bands like The Knife-Edge Band, The Round Band, and The Flat Band.

Romantic & Unique

Romantic and unique wedding bands pair particularly well with a Heart shaped diamond ring. This shape embodies romance. Consider feminine and dazzling wedding bands that deepen its symbolism. The Dew Drop or The Petal Crown Band adds Victorian-era-inspired floral details, while The Devotion and The Infinity symbolize eternal love.

How to Choose a Wedding Band for a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Consider the following when choosing a wedding band for a Heart diamond ring.

  1. Determine Your Budget

Understanding your budget will make it easier to narrow down your best wedding band options. Our diamond experts can help you find a wedding band that’s within your budget and preferences.

  1. Pick Metal Color Preference

Many people choose to match their wedding band color with their engagement ring. If you prefer contrasting metals, your diamond color grade and engagement ring band can help you decide.

If you have a Heart cut diamond with an H color grade or above, then any metal color will work well for your wedding band. If you have a J color or below Heart cut diamond, however, prioritize a yellow gold or rose gold wedding band so that your center diamond still appears white.

If you have a gold engagement ring, any gold color will work for a wedding band. If you have a platinum engagement ring, white gold or platinum wedding bands are best. Platinum is harder than yellow and rose gold. If these metals rub against each other they could scratch over time.

  1. Let Your Diamond Dictate the Band Design

Consider how your Heart shaped diamond is set. Heart diamonds have a pointed tip, so the wedding band needs to pair flush with the engagement ring.

If you have a higher-carat Heart cut, or if it’s set lower on the engagement ring, consider a curved wedding band that provides space between the Heart's tip and the band. For lower-carat or higher-set Heart cut diamonds, most wedding band designs will work.

  1. Narrow Down Complementary Ring Styles

When pairing an engagement ring and wedding band, it’s important to pick settings that go together. They should either have the same style (modern, vintage, etc.), or a common detail to create a cohesive pair.

If you prefer the same style, consider a matching wedding ring set. If you prefer to create your own pair, or choose different styles, select one similar detail, like the same metal color, for each ring.

  1. Check Fit

Before buying your wedding ring, try it on with your Heart cut engagement ring. This is the best way to ensure that they can be comfortably and beautifully worn together. When you put both rings on, you’ll know right away whether or not they clash, or rub against each other.

two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package
two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

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How to Wear a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring With a Wedding Band

To securely and comfortably wear your Heart shaped lab-grown diamond engagement ring and wedding band together, consider the following.

  1. Ensure Your Rings Are Sized

Both rings should be properly sized for comfort and security. For some people, both rings can be your standard ring size. But, the position and width of your wedding band may mean you need to go half a size up or down for a comfortable fit when ring stacking. Play around with what feels best for you, and get your ring sized accordingly.

  1. Check for Scratching or Rubbing

When you wear your rings together, see where and if they rub against each other. If you have diamonds on either band, the bands shouldn’t rub against them in a way that could cause damage. If the wedding band could potentially scratch your center diamond, you may need to change your ring size, setting, or design to safely wear them together. Our diamond experts can help.

  1. Consider Direction & Order

The way you plan to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together can influence the band design or ring size. Whichever way you stack your rings should leave space for the delicate point of the Heart diamond, and feel comfortable to wear.

  1. Decide on Ring Stacking

Stacking your wedding and engagement ring with other rings, such as an anniversary ring, can influence the best wedding band and ring size for you. If you’re planning on stacking future rings, consider your preferred order and make changes accordingly.

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring FAQS

Read on for answers to commonly asked questions about Heart shaped engagement rings.

Which Way Do You Wear a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring?

Heart shaped rings are typically worn with the tip of the heart facing your heart, but you can wear your ring whichever way you’d like.

Irish Claddagh rings have determined the traditional way to wear a Heart ring. People would have the Heart’s tip pointing away from them if they were single, and pointing toward them if they were partnered.

How Do You Wear Both Engagement and Wedding Rings?

When stacking engagement and wedding rings, both rings should pair flush so that they can be worn together without scratching and chipping. Choose a wedding ring that pairs with the engagement ring style so that the rings don’t clash.

If you’re not sure which rings go together, opt for a wedding ring set or consult our VRAI diamond experts. They will ensure that you choose a cohesive, complementary pair.

Does My Wedding Band Need to Match My Engagement Ring?

Your wedding band does not need to match your engagement ring, but they should pair well together. If you’re choosing different ring styles, try to select a common theme between them to create a cohesive look.

Do You Wear Your Wedding Band First and Then Your Engagement Ring?

People traditionally wear the wedding band first, and then the engagement ring. This is because the wedding ring is historically worn closer to the heart. It’s up to you how to stack your rings, however.

Are Heart Engagement Rings Popular?

Heart engagement rings are not very popular because quality Heart cut diamonds are quite rare. Heart engagement rings are considered unique. They make an excellent choice for people who are true romantics, or who love to stand apart.

What Does a Heart Diamond Ring Mean?

A Heart diamond ring is a universal symbol for romance and love. Hearts are the quintessential symbol of love and affection. This makes a Heart diamond ring a highly romantic and symbolic choice for an engagement ring.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options