Round Vs Cushion Engagement Rings: Which Is Better?

Alicia Briggs | May 02, 2023

Few decisions are as important as choosing the right diamond shape for an engagement ring. Two versatile diamond shapes that you may find yourself deciding between are the Round Brilliant cut diamond and the Cushion cut diamond. Round engagement rings are the most popular choice globally while Cushion engagement rings have become a modern favorite.

If you’re debating between a Cushion cut diamond vs a Round Brilliant cut diamond, read on to discover which of these shapes would suit you best. Book an appointment with our VRAI Diamond Experts for personalized guidance in choosing between these two shapes.

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cushion cut diamonds are a contemporary shape known for their “pillow-like” square shape with soft edges. It combines the curves of a Round Brilliant with the square silhouette of a Princess cut diamond for a look that’s entirely its own. Cushion cut diamonds are an updated take on the historic Old Mine cut, which gives this contemporary diamond shape a vintage look and unique shine.

What Is A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond?

No other diamond shape surpasses the popularity or brilliance of a Round Brilliant cut diamond. This is the most sought-after diamond shape in the world with a perfectly round silhouette that most people associate with diamonds. The Round Brilliant is a true classic, with 57 angular facets arranged to create ideal brilliance.

What Is The Difference Between A Cushion Cut And Round Cut Diamond?

There are several key differences between a Cushion and Round cut diamond. These shapes are often compared thanks to their curves and classic elegance. It can even be hard to tell the difference between the two in certain settings, at first glance, such as a 4 prong setting.

When comparing a Round diamond vs a Cushion cut diamond, there are a few things to note. Both shapes feature brilliant cut facets, but that may be the biggest thing they have in common. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are cut for optimal brilliance and have unrivaled shine from all angles. Cushion cut diamonds can have different faceting arrangements but they create a “crushed ice” look when reflecting light.

Round Brilliant cut diamonds also have a different shape. They are a perfect circle whereas Cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners but a squarer shape. Cushion cut diamonds have a larger table than Round Brilliant cut diamonds with a fuller bottom. This means they will appear slightly smaller than Round Brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight.

Both shapes will look stunning for a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are considered a truly classic shape, suitable for any style, but especially traditional tastes. Cushion cut diamonds are considered a modern shape, chosen by those who prefer a modern or vintage-inspired ring that deviates from tradition.

Cushion Cut Vs. Round: Which Shape Has More Brilliance?

It’s easy to compare Cushion cut vs Round Brilliant cut shine, as they reflect light so differently. Round Brilliant cut diamonds will have more brilliance overall, as they are considered to have the most brilliance of any diamond. Cushion cut diamonds, however, are also known for their unique and vivid shine, but it will be more subtle.

As these two shapes reflect light in their own way, you may find yourself drawn to one over the other, not simply just the shape with the most brilliance.

Does A Round Or Cushion Cut Diamond Cost More?

Another key difference between Cushion cut vs Round cut diamonds is the price. Round Brilliant cut diamonds will cost more than Cushion cut diamonds of the same carat weight and quality. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are considered the most expensive diamond shape, due to their unmatched demand and their diamond cut.

If budget is a concern, Cushion cut diamonds may be better for you. Cushion cut diamonds tend to cost less than more traditional diamond shapes as they don’t have the same demand.

That being said, VRAI offers competitive diamond prices. We offer high-quality lab-grown Round Brilliant cut diamonds at a range of prices, making this shape more accessible.

Do Cushion Cut Diamonds Look Larger Than Round Cut Diamonds?

Cushion cut diamonds tend to appear smaller than a Round Brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight. Cushion cut diamonds have a fuller bottom half than Round Brilliant cut diamonds, so from the top down Round Brilliants will appear larger. Round Brilliant cut diamonds look truest to their carat weight and their optimal brilliance also highlights their size.

The engagement ring setting you choose can enhance the size of your diamond, no matter the shape or carat weight.

If you love the Cushion cut diamond but prefer a diamond shape that maximizes its carat weight, consider Elongated Cushion cut diamonds.

Why Should You Choose A Round Engagement Ring?

Round Brilliant diamond cut engagement rings are the ideal choice for a truly traditional and timeless ring. If you’re looking for brilliance and size above anything else, then a Round engagement ring will be a better fit for you than a Cushion cut engagement ring.

There’s a reason Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most beloved diamond shape, with maximum fire and scintillation and an elegant appearance that will never go out of style.

However, due to their price point, Round Brilliant cut engagement rings are best for those who have a bigger budget. When choosing a Round engagement ring, prioritize cut quality over the other 4Cs to ensure your diamond has its renowned brilliance.

Why Should You Choose A Cushion Engagement Ring?

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for those who prefer a vintage-inspired or unique engagement ring. Cushion cut diamonds have the most cut varieties of any modern shape and create a glittery, distinct shine.

This is a wonderful choice if you prefer a ring that has an heirloom feel or you’re on a tighter budget. Cushion cut diamonds are also perfect for those who live an active lifestyle, thanks to their soft, durable corners.

When choosing a Cushion engagement ring, prioritize cut and carat weight to ensure peak light reflection and size.

What’s The Best Carat Weight For Cushion Engagement Rings Vs Round Engagement Rings?

The best carat weight for your engagement ring, regardless of your diamond shape, is the one that suits your taste and budget. On average, most engagement rings sold are between 1-2 carats.

Diamond carat price greatly affects the total cost of your engagement ring. It’s important to choose a carat weight that you love the look of but that still aligns with your budget.

What Is The Difference Between A 1ct Round Diamond and A 1ct Cushion Diamond?

A 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond is one of the most popular carat weights and diamond shapes for an engagement ring. 1 carat Round diamond rings will attract plenty of attention at this carat weight.

A 1 carat Cushion cut diamond will appear slightly smaller so 1 carat is a wonderful carat weight to highlight the beauty of your Cushion. You may prefer this carat weight if you’d like a subtle diamond that’s less expensive.

2 Carat Round Vs 2 Carat Cushion Engagement Ring

2 carat Round Brilliant rings are ideal for true diamond lovers who want their ring to make a statement with undeniable brilliance few can ignore.

2 carat Cushion cut diamond rings are best for those who want to emphasize the size and shine of Cushion cut diamonds. Cushion cuts will stand out beautifully at this carat weight but are still easy to wear with anything.

What Settings Are Better For A Cushion Cut vs Round Brilliant Diamond Ring?

These highly versatile diamond shapes suit most ring settings, so the best setting is one you’ll love to wear for years to come. Discover some of our best-selling ring settings for these shapes, below, to inspire your selection.

Cushion Cut vs Round Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire settings feature one center diamond. They are the most popular and versatile ring settings, beautiful for both a Cushion cut and a Round Brilliant cut diamond. However, Solitaire settings are especially wonderful for a Round Brilliant cut diamond. They will perfectly highlight their shine, elegance, and shape.

Round Halo Vs Cushion Halo Engagement Rings

Halo settings add instant vintage elegance, brilliance, and size to any diamond. When it comes to Cushion vs Round Halo engagement rings, both shapes will stun in this setting. However, Halo settings are ideal for Cushion cut diamonds because they highlight their heirloom feel while adding size.

Cushion Vs. Round Brilliant Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings are timeless and durable, but the colored gold you choose will impact the appearance of your ring.

Yellow gold is the most classic metal color, so it’s no surprise that it pairs beautifully with a Round Brilliant cut diamond.

White gold is another timeless metal color. It enhances the linear look of a Cushion and adds a sleek appearance to a Round Brilliant.

Rose gold is a romantic and unique metal color that will add a vintage feel to any diamond shape, so it will enhance those qualities in a Cushion cut diamond.

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