15 Top Wedding Bands For Halo Rings: How To Pair Your Rings

Alicia Briggs | June 01, 2023

Few ring settings are as brilliant as Halo engagement rings. When choosing a wedding band for halo rings, your ring design should further enhance its shine and beauty. Use this article as a guide for how to pair a wedding ring with a halo engagement ring. Below you’ll learn what wedding bands work best with a halo ring, how to wear them, and how to choose the right style.

For further guidance on creating a halo wedding ring set, book an appointment with our diamond experts and receive complimentary assistance.

What Is A Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo engagement ring consists of one center diamond encircled by smaller diamonds, which creates its namesake “halo” effect. Halo engagement rings can also be a Hidden Halo setting. This means the halo is hidden below the diamond and is visible from the side instead of face-up. Halo rings are usually solitaire rings and can feature a variety of diamond shapes and metal colors, with a plain or pavé band.

How Do You Wear A Halo Engagement Ring And Wedding Band?

How to best wear a wedding ring with a halo engagement ring depends on the rings you choose. Traditionally, when stacking wedding rings, most put their wedding band on first and then the halo engagement ring. When selecting a wedding band, consider a band that will compliment the halo ring and stacks well together. If you’d like a diamond-accented wedding ring, prioritize a design that won’t rub against the halo.

All VRAI halo rings are designed to sit flush with VRAI wedding rings. This means the halo will sit above your wedding band. The rings will fit snugly and comfortably without sliding or rubbing around. To ensure a secure fit, order a complimentary VRAI ring sizer to guarantee your ring size.

How Do You Pair Your Wedding Band With A Halo Ring?

When it comes to pairing a wedding band with a halo engagement ring, the most important thing to consider is that you love each ring design. To ensure your halo ring stack pairs well together, however, pick a cohesive theme. This might mean selecting the same metal color, diamond shape, or style for each ring.
Our VRAI diamond experts can help you create a halo wedding ring set that pairs beautifully together when you schedule a consultation.

What Kind Of Wedding Band Goes With A Halo Ring?

The best wedding band for a halo ring will depend on your personal preference. Whichever band you choose should complement the brilliant and bold halo setting without overpowering it.

If you love a diamond-forward look, consider pairing petite Eternity bands or a half-pave band with a halo ring. If you prefer a more subtle design that lets the halo ring take center stage, consider a classic, plain band with a matching metal color.

What Are Halo Wedding Ring Sets?

Halo wedding band sets refer to a halo engagement ring and a wedding ring that was chosen to be worn together. A halo wedding ring set can feature numerous designs, but the selected rings are meant to pair beautifully and comfortably together.

Our VRAI diamond experts can help you create a halo wedding ring set that suits your style and preferences.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Bands For Halo Rings?

Halo engagement rings pair well with a variety of wedding band designs. Both plain and diamond-accented bands are popular for Halo rings. Some of the most sought-after VRAI wedding ring designs for a halo ring are The Infinity, The Devotion, and The Round Band.

The 15 Best Wedding Bands For Halo Rings

If you’re searching for the perfect women’s wedding band for a halo engagement ring, let the following wedding ring selections inspire your choice.

Wedding Bands For Square Diamond Halo Rings

When pairing square diamond shapes, such as a Princess cut halo engagement ring with a wedding band, or a wedding band for a Cushion cut halo ring, consider a band with a flatter edge. The Infinity Band is a personal favorite of our diamond experts for square-shaped diamond engagement rings. The flatter edges complement the linear lines of the center diamond, while the handset pavé diamonds add to its brilliance.

Wedding Bands For Round Diamond Halo Rings

For a classic Round Brilliant Halo engagement ring, there are endless wedding band options. If you have a pavé band for your halo engagement ring, choose a diamond-accented wedding band like The Infinity to match. If you chose a plain band for your engagement ring, consider a more unique or playful wedding band design. Bands like the Single Shared Prong Band will add texture and visual interest to your halo ring set.

Wedding Bands For Oval Halo Rings

When choosing a wedding band for Oval halo engagement rings, consider your style and the oval shape. Oval diamonds will enhance the vintage look of this setting, so a diamond-forward wedding band will further highlight the heirloom feel. Due to the elongated Oval diamond shape, Oval halo rings will overhang the wedding band more so than other diamond shapes. A bold wedding band, like a 1-carat Oval Eternity Band, will stand out while still smoothly lining up with your [engagement ring style](/journal/post/engagement-ring-styles.

Curved Wedding Bands For Halo Rings

Curved wedding bands are often chosen for halo engagement rings that feature elongated diamond shapes, as the curve of the band clears the tip of a Halo ring. However, all halo engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds created by VRAI sit flush with our wedding bands without rubbing against the halo. If you prefer the unique look of a curved wedding band, however, our diamond experts recommend The Signature V Band as its dramatic plunge nicely frames a halo setting. Curved bands also work well with three-stone halo rings, adding space for the additional diamonds.

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Gold Wedding Bands For Halo Rings

Halo rings have a timeless and classic look that is further highlighted in a solid gold setting. An 18k yellow gold wedding band will enhance the elegance of your ring set, whereas white gold will add a contemporary and modern appearance. For those who love the romantic, heirloom look of a halo setting, consider pairing your rings with a 14k rose gold ring.

How Do You Choose A Wedding Band For Your Halo Ring?

When choosing a wedding band for your halo ring, consider how you want to wear your rings. If you prefer to wear only your wedding band, consider a bolder wedding ring design. If you prefer to wear your halo engagement ring and wedding band together, consider a wedding band that has a similar aesthetic to your engagement ring.

Style aside, you’ll also want to choose a wedding band that compliments your ring's diamond shape and carat weight. Book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert for personalized guidance in selecting a wedding band for your halo ring.

Why Should You Choose A Lab-Grown Diamond Wedding Band For Your Halo Ring?

Choosing a lab-grown diamond wedding ring is the best way to honor your love. All VRAI created diamonds are grown in our zero-emission foundry and set into jewelry by our master craftspeople, through fair-wage employment. Unlike mined diamonds, our certified diamonds have a guaranteed point of origin with no human or environmental toll. When you choose a wedding ring featuring VRAI created diamonds, you choose a ring as beautiful as your love and values.

How Do You Buy A Wedding Ring For Your Halo Engagement Ring?

Book a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert to buy a wedding ring for your halo engagement ring. They can walk through each step of the process to ensure that your wedding ring perfectly pairs with your halo ring.

If you prefer to purchase your wedding ring without assistance, you can easily do so online, on our website.

Discover All Wedding Bands For Halo Engagement Rings

Explore our full selection of timeless wedding band designs to find the right match for your halo engagement ring.

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